When Particles Collide at Woodmans- Orono, Me

When Particles Collide
“This is so different from the electric show.” I’ve not heard that version so I have to imagine. What I did hear, was Sasha wail on a gorgeous Taylor, sing her heart out, and harmonize with her husband Chris on Cajon. Since the outdoor gig at a local brewpub, I’ve tried to compartmentalize or come up with the music math that may accurately describe them. The fact that they’re a couple isn’t enough to pull comparisons of The White Stripes, Mates of State, or The Dresden Dolls. Should we discuss the guitar playing, the drums, the arrangement, the voice? How about the songs. Imagine Alannah Miles and Linda Perry were in a bar fight with Kim Gordon. No? What about if Ani DiFranco had a baby with Lita Ford? Hmmm, what if we draw from their covers; Imagine Bonnie Raitt, John Prine, and Mick Jagger all raised a baby together.


Whatever it sounded like, it was a great gig and I will definitely see them again (acoustic or electric). They’re a working band on the road all the time. They have super loyal fans and I imagine they make new ones at every show in every city. It is a tough life but their passion is evident and it comes through the songs as well.


Tonight was more of a friend and family gig. Hometown crowd drinking on the patio by propane fires as the summer sun slowly dips away (which takes a while this far north.). Heads bobbed, conversations swelled, and the band played with us. Halfway through a song the cops arrived and walked straight into the bar. Shit, were we missing a fight? Not likely here. They passed again with their takeout order minutes later. The look on Sasha’s face was priceless as she sang through her anticipation. Luckily it wasn’t an anti-cop song (which she may not even have). 16 or so years ago I DJd a party near this spot and put on Piggy by Nine Inch Nails when the cops came to break up a party. They weren’t amused. I mixed in The Fuck You Symphony. It was awesome.


Anyhoo. The night was great for a number of reasons. Seeing friends who love the band and geek out together while chatting and enjoying each other for an evening is fantastic. The score to the scene was perfect but I know how deeply nerfed an acoustic can make your sound. The electric show will be amazing. Catch them soon as you can!

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