Umphrey’s McGee at the Capitol Theater- Port Chester, NY

umphrey's mcgee at the cap
I’m not sure how this came on my radar but Coyote wanted to go and any time with her is well spent. She had never seen UM before and I was sure it would be a great time. My context for UM to newbies is jambands plus prog-rock. That helped a bit. I also mentioned that for most shows, there’s a bunch of, “That was cool,” with one or two, “That was amazing!” moments. Of course the cap is always amazing and I love seeing a show there. We got into town with plenty of time, street parking behind the venue, in and a quick hello to friends before securing a spot on the floor close to the front.
Surveying the crowd was interesting. A bit older, more beer, a bit more hardened or intense maybe. Some were looking for bravado, others for funky jams.
It wasn’t long into the first set that I felt a kick on my heel. Ignoring it is my standard response and it served me well till I noticed a commotion behind me. Some dude had passed out. I helped him up and he passed right back out. Security came and somehow I was left with the half-full beer he spilled. I wouldn’t want anyone to have drank it so I threw it out. Really, first set?
We spent most of the second set further back. Room to dance (and to watch others dance) in the few moments that were more danceable. Eventually, we left in search of food and found ourselves at the same diner we ate at for our first meal of the year after the String Cheese new year’s show. Just the two of us waiting and waiting for the food to show up. We chatted about work, life, love, and the future. We reflected on the show a bit but it was more of a background for our time together. The show served as a knitting of relationships in that I could connect friends who’ve not yet met. It served as a chance to move a bit (though not even as much as I did at NIN the night before). It was a perfect concert experience though; it’s not about the music or the venue as much as the journey and the time spent with loved ones.

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