The Pixies at The Electric Factory- Philadelphia, PA

The Pixies at The Electric Factory
There are two songs I was confident they’d play. Everyone must have been certain although if you weren’t, what a wonderful surprise! If this was your first concert, they were your favorite band, and you had hoped for months leading up to the show that you’d get to hear your favorite song, how excited would you be? That must be what helps bands play the same song every show since 1988. Bonus points if it helped you become famous. What I wasn’t expecting though was the huge shift in energy and sing-along that happened during Where is My Mind. The otherwise calm and quiet person behind me assaulted my airspace with his phone, my ears with his… singing(?), and my physical space with his jumpy, bouncy… dancing(?) I imagine the video he took looks like it was filmed in an earthquake and is mostly his voice. Maybe it was his first concert.

A few songs instigated what could be called a pit. If the Slayer pit could be likened to a Vitamix (suddenly my ribs feel sore from the memories of them), the Pixies pit was a bouncy house. It was damn near cute and even Red Dread said so after the show.
“Did you see that mini pit that formed?”
“Yeah, it was cute.”
See, I told you she said it was cute.

Otherwise, the crowd nodded away and was mostly stationary. The couple behind me in Phish shirts stood next to a woman in a black shirt that said, “This is not a Fugazi shirt.” That one never quite sat right with me. Also in the crowd, lots of Pixies shirts including those on sale at this very show. I wondered if they had seen this tour or if they had changed into their recent purchase while at the venue. Whatever they came in was probably in that NPR bag by their side.
The band didn’t say a word and the songs came with a minimal pause. Even the tuning was seamless. Truly, they didn’t say a word. Walk on stage, song, song, song, etc, bow, song, lights up. There was a mic on stage just for them to hear each other and the frequent use made me think the setlist was designed on the fly. It was efficient because they played 34 tracks and the crowd couldn’t get enough. Most songs came from the Doolittle, Head Carrier, and Surfer Rosa albums (8,8, and 7 tracks respectively) so there was something for everyone and lots of love for the long time fans. Here’s the setlist:
  1. Planet of Sound
  2. Something Against You
  3. U-Mass
  4. Monkey Gone to Heaven
  5. No. 13 Baby
  6. Bel Esprit
  7. Crackity Jones
  8. Isla de Encanta
  9. Vamos
  10. Cactus
  11. Oh My Golly!
  12. Tenement Song
  13. Snakes
  14. Might as Well Be Gone
  15. Subbacultcha
  16. Wave of Mutilation
  17. Um Chagga Lagga
  18. Brick Is Red
  19. Gouge Away
  20. Head Carrier
  21. Caribou
  22. Havalina
  23. Mr. Grieves
  24. Blown Away
  25. Velouria
  26. Where Is My Mind?
  27. Nimrod’s Son
  28. Bone Machine
  29. Classic Masher
  30. All the Saints
  31. All I Think About Now
  32. Debaser
  33. Hey


  34. Into the White

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