String Cheese Incident at The Capitol Theater- Port Chester, NY 5/26/19

string cheese at the cap 5 26 19

Night 2: because one was not enough.  After a workout, a few errands for my poor injured Mom (Children, don’t text and walk on uneven surfaces at the same time!), and some down time watching the new season of Netflix’s She’s Gotta Have It, I headed over to Port Chester.  Once I parked there, my new friend Jules texted me asking to pick her up.  I had found a primo spot at the train station, but I’m all about solid friends, so I picked her up in New Rochelle.  I got to meet her Mom, Lucy, and the dogs she’s been boarding.

Jules’s an awesome navigator; she guided me back to the station without skipping a beat.  She needed to get a ticket, so I dropped her across from the venue, right near the vendors selling jewelry and “glass.”  Port Chester has a heavy Hispanic population, and on my walk the night prior, I noticed a number of Latin American restaurants: Peruvian, Brazilian, El Salvadorian.  I was feeling Peruvian, so I went to a restaurant called Panka (Jules, part Peruvian, corrected my pronunciation).  She was able to secure a reduced-price ticket immediately, so she joined me as I dined on a Tamale Peruano and Quarter Chicken with mixed vegetables and white rice.  We had some deep conversation over dinner.

The crowd looked less packed than the night prior.  Jules rocked the glitter (I ended up with some of my arms); she gave a bunch out (“Can you sparkle me?” was a common request).  Sparkle is big at SCI shows, as are costumes.  A number of young ladies adorned fairy costumes, and one dude was sporting a Robin Hood-style hat.  I felt so mainstream with my Phish T-shirt and two bracelets on each hand.

There were more jams with varying tempos and songs I hadn’t heard before (here’s the setlist), but some highlights for me included “Can’t Wait Another Day” (Skingasm #1), Old & In The Way’s “Midnight Moonlight,” “Valley of the Jig” (the dude next to asked me “Is this ‘Valley of the Jig’” and I was about 95% sure it was).  “Sirens” rocked (Skingasm #2), and “Restless Wind” as the first-set closer (Skingasm #3).  I ran into Phil during that jam, who lightheartedly remarked, “They just need a little bit more practice.”

“Rosie” was a highlight during the second set, “Song in My Head” brought out “Skingasm #4,” and “Burning Down the House” brought down the house, figuratively speaking.  During the encore, Jules said, “It sounds like a harmonica but it’s not.”  I had to find a way to include that here, so there it is!  We ran into our friend Keaton on the way out. 

On the way back to Suffern, I had one of three cupcakes Julie hooked me up with.  They had a candy covering that sported the Grateful Dead Dancing Bear image.  It was like a Brett Mydland keyboard solo in my mouth.  I could have eaten all three on the ride over, but I’m sure I would’ve hated myself the following morning.  So I put the remaining two in a Tupperware container, possibly for after tonight’s show.  All I can say is Jules is an artist for sure.  This is a free advertisement for Jules’s pastries (comment for photos).


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