Project Object & Consider The Source at Ardmore- Ardmore, PA

Project Object 2018

Drive to Philly for a Sunday show? Meh. Well, some friends are going and it’s a Zappa tribute. It sounded familiar and they were opening for Consider the Source whom I’ve only seen in passing. Ok, fine, I’m in. Sure enough, I’ve seen this band and not long ago at Some Kind Of Jam. They were just as good this time.

Project Object Setlist

The band is terrific and features two Zappa cast members, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Denny Walley. They covered key moments of their shared time playing with Frank Zappa including Peaches en Regalia, Montana, and my favorite Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy. Everyone was relaxed and Napolean was quick to say hello to us before the show started. Something that happens in small clubs with amazing people who don’t have inflated egos. 

Ardmore is a small spot but can get rocking. My first time there was 2016 for Start Making Sense as a Phish afterparty. We squeezed into the venue and had to fight for room to dance. In this case though we had plenty of room. Some sat at tables on the raised section towards the rear. We stood close to the stage to inspect the insane array of guitar pedals that Consider the Source would use later.

Project Object is fantastic and worth an experience even if you think you don’t like Zappa. Great performers, great music, and a well done experience overall.

Consider the Source came up next and… well…. um… I wasn’t ready for that. Imagine if Primus had a baby with You Bred Raptors?. Furious bass, fretless guitar, and drums setting a diverse pace. Musically they brought a mid-east flair to pounding beats, curious time signatures, and eclectic song forms. We also got a staggering bass solo and a drum solo that never seemed to stop.


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