P!nk at Madison Square Garden- New York, NY

Leaving the venue I was thinking “Now, this is going to be a fun show to write about!!!” I also thought that I should be getting out to more pop rock concerts. There was an entertainment factor that is missing at a good ole rock and roll show. (All the pomp and circumstance-all the bells and whistles-the costume changes and flying)

Quite some time ago, my mom had mentioned that she would love-love-love to see P!nk in concert. I barely registered the information, but sometime around November I received an email stating that presale codes would be issued to those that registered. I was able to conjure up this vague memory and knew that this was going to be the ultimate Christmas present!!! You might be familiar with the ways of someone like Meg? She is the lady that days before Christmas she will be in the store and buy that item that you picked up for her two months prior thinking, “I just purchased the best present ever”) Yeah, that……but I KNoW she wouldn’t be getting presale codes and notifications for tour dates. She will not screw this up for me!!!

anyway, the sale date comes. I get my code. I have done this before, no problem, “I got this!” I do whatever and hit confirm and nothing happens. The computer froze up or something?! I can’t recall exact problem but I DO NOT have a confirmation number!! I am sweating it! What do I do? I cannot NOT get these tickets! My Christmas happiness depends on these tickets!!! I go back into that webpage that I kind of hate and I see that there is another presale going on also. I go in quick and see if it is even remotely possible to get two tickets and sure enough, I’m done in four minutes with seats issued me. Christmas is saved!!! It is a week later that I receive an email confirming my original purchase…..so this is how my bestie EV and her daughter Miss Blu get to come along with us.

We have two seats and two seats. The place is sold out. We are on opposite sides of the stage from each other, but I say in the meanwhile let’s stay together as long as we can……maybe we can even talk somebody into switching with us? The first act came out, a DJ but I don’t recall his name. He was hitting the 80’s HARD!!! and even though he was getting down with some sweet stuff the venue was too empty, the place is echoing and I might have just lost my ‘cool-card’ by saying this but the music is too loud. Regardless EV, Miss Blu and I sang along and chair danced a bit and embarrassed my Mom properly.

The band the Bleachers were the next act. They’re a local band from New Jersey, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. I’m not going to say they were bad…..I will say, I didn’t know the material and the energy level suffered because of it. During their set, the ladies showed up. The ones whose seats we are utilizing. I tried to approach them about possibly switching seats with us, we have tickets up on the other side, closer to the stage (a couple rows higher) the response was less than ideal. “I would prefer THESE seats!! NO!” with a whole slew of attitude!!! So, we bid adieu to our friends. I still cannot believe what happens just a few minutes later. Two gentlemen come over to the area and they are friends with ‘the ladies’. They have seats in the row behind us. The ladies have the nerve to ask if I would be willing to switch seats so they could sit with their friends!!!! I really thought she must be kidding. This has got to be some sort of joke?!? Right??? And then I proceeded to give her a very solid ‘oh, definitely not-no way, no how’……and then the lights go down…….and all is forgotten.

Like I said from the start, this was a fun show. There was fire and flying, costume changes and dancing galore, the band was not just backup they were a part of the whole experience. The stage was the story, the words were the story, the dancing was the story, the music was the story, it was like being at a movie only so much better!!! She kept me on my toes, she had me laughing, crying, gasping and just plain forgetting to breathe!!!

…..and I have my mom to thank for all of it because it would never have occurred to me to go a P!nk concert


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