Pink Talking Fish & Start Making Sense at Penn’s Peak- Jim Thorpe, PA

Penn’s Peak is a gorgeous new venue and is in-fact located on a peak in the Adirondacks. The 1,800 person capacity venue has beautiful exposed wood beams, a restaurant, and a wide stage. I kept hearing how great this venue was but this was my first chance to visit. What an amazing show to see as a first time visitor. Pink Talking Fish and Start Making Sense together for an epic night of covers.
Pink Talking Fish and Start Making Sense
Tonight I was with Arlette. She is a classically trained musician, vocal coach, cello player, and friend. She has traveled the world singing since age 15 yet had limited experience with these bands. That is to say, the originals who these bands would be covering. We got in early after dinner and an afternoon exploring the surrounding town.
The poster at the venue had some great news. Both bands will be doing intertwining sets. I assumed they’d switch off sets but it was even better than that. after a few tunes, Start Making Sense joined Pink Talking Fish on stage halfway through Cities. As PTF left, SMS continued and began their set. Two sets each throughout the night with similar transitions made for an unrelenting night of fantastic music.
I would update Arlette throughout to let her know who originally played the songs we heard. She mentioned a few times just how much she likes Phish. The first mention came early on and they kept coming. Once the show was over, we said hello to some of the band and Arlette was very excited for the opportunity to show her appreciation.
All in, the band created not just a new Phish fan, but a fan of both Pink Talking Fish and Start Making Sense. Coming from fresh, classically trained ears, I take this as a confirmation that I’m not wasting time and energy at all these shows.

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