Pink Talking Fish at The Gramercy Theater- Ny, Ny

Pink Talking Fish Gramercy Theater

After an amazing night of Phish I rallied the energy to see the Pink Talking Fish after party on a miracle ticket from Eric the bassist. The ticket line was electric with people reeling from the show and excited for more. This was a continuation of the energy that flowed all the way from MSG. People streaming south through various routes met at street corners, asked for directions, looked for quick bites, and traded reviews of the shows so far.

The Gramercy only has one window so the line moves slow which helped fuel the excitement. Once inside, the after-party vibe took hold. Drinks were spilled, words were slurred, and dancing space was tough to find. The band took the stage to riotous applause and dove into a sublime set of tunes they breathe new life into. With three catalogs of fantastic music, it seems like an easy assignment but Pink Talking Fish manages to string together, combine, and play with form in ways that are only possible with terrific musicians who are true fans.

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Getting spilled on was fine for the first hour but I moved back from the front for the last half. The dregs of brain cells propelled fanatics onward through flailing celebration. Taking the entire scene in from the back brought the full impact of their well-coordinated light/ video display and provided more room to dance. There is a reason these guys sell out shows all over the place. Even if you only like one of their namesake acts I highly recommend you check them out. They have the full package of showmanship, musicality, and the ability to create a stellar experience.


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