Phish NYE Run 2017 at Madison Square Garden- New York, NY

MSG 2017 NYE
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As much as I love the Phish NYE run I find myself missing the night of the 31st with little regret. Each year, the 30th has been regarded as an amazing (better?) show. My first Phish show was one of the 30th shows and it was their first time in MSG (1994). Maybe the release can’t justify the tension? Maybe there’s less pressure for spectacle? Either way, this year was terrific and I was satisfied with my choice of venue. 3 tickets for Phish at MSG for the first three shows would keep me in great company and prepare me for NYE upstate.
I had two bridge tickets and a floor (which I ended up trading for another bridge) and helped Kinetic and crew get spots close by so we could dance. Days of playing tour guide in NYC can be draining but we made it efficient and spectacular. Having a dance party at the end of the night was a huge bonus. I also got a huge hug from the winner of our StubHub contest! He didn’t use it for these shows but I’m sure we’ll get to dance together again soon!
The first show had me ask people twice, “what year is it?” Aside from a few strays, the setlist felt like it was somewhere in 1996 – 1998. More reason to flashback to my first show at the venue. All seemed wonderful but then I get the text. “Surprise! Meet where?” Jane was in town and gave herself slightly more warning than me. Oh joy what a wonderful gift! We didn’t meet up till the next night though.
The setlist for the 29th had a few of those, “Ok that’s out of the way now” songs in it. This just helped build the tension of the 30th for me. Of course, it was after the Hayley Jane show so I was extra excited to dance and see my mystery friend from the other coast. Walking through the spiral staircase down from the bridge I get a tap on my shoulder and a yell, “Hey! You’re older right?”  Yeah, what’s up?  “Remember how we used to go ‘Mooooo!’ in crowds?!”  Yeah, they don’t do that anymore?  “Listen, I don’t hear it!”
So we start to Moo. I turn back to her and say, “Hey! Remember how good the shakedown was at Giant’s Stadium?”
“OH GOD YES!” She was excited and sad all at once. Seeing her miss the scene made me long for it as well.
The 30th was spectacular! A 5-song second set including an amazing version of Down With Disease (which I’ve never said before). Three days of dancing with Kinetic on the bridge, getting to see Jane, and my last of 19 Phish shows in 2017, I was overjoyed. Jane and I caught up briefly the night before and I thought she was flying back west. A canceled flight kept her in town. I was starting to second guess my plans for the 31st but we made our limited time work. Off to American Beauty to rage the Dead dance party on the top floor. We dance, talk, laugh, and discuss everything from hair extensions to Airplane! I drove her and the brother home at the end of the night ready to make a final stand against 2017 a few hours later.




SET 1: AC/DC Bag > Wolfman’s Brother, Roggae, Tube > Bouncing Around the Room, Back on the Train, Your Pet Cat > Waking Up Dead > Theme From the Bottom

SET 2: Wilson > No Men In No Man’s Land > Twist > Everything’s Right > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Harry Hood

ENCORE: The Wedge, Slave to the Traffic Light


SET 1: Cavern > Blaze On, 555, I Always Wanted It This Way > Martian Monster, Heavy Things, Destiny Unbound, Ocelot, Walls of the CaveSET 2: Sand > Chalk Dust Torture[1] > Ghost > Backwards Down the Number Line > Simple > Split Open and MeltENCORE: Julius

[1] Unfinished.


SET 1: Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Tweezer > Ass Handed, Kill Devil Falls > Bathtub Gin, Brother, More

SET 2: Down with Disease[1] -> Steam > Light > Farmhouse, Run Like an Antelope

ENCORE: Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise

[1] Unfinished


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