Phish BB&T Pavillion 2018- Camden, NJ

Phish Camden 2018
Back on Phish tour if only for a minute. Two nights in the most dangerous city in the country slightly eclipsed by rain and not having tickets. That’s usually not an issue though. After a few hours on lot I decided to skip the first show as the rain clouds gathered. I made it out in time to stay dry. There were other factors that had me leave and I had a great time seeing all my tour friends on lot. The second night, I had a miracle lined up. It was hot on lot, it was sticky and people were amped up from the previous shows. Mike was browsing shakedown, the food options were on point, a few new bits of art hit the scene, and I caught up with even more smiling faces. Is that Jane’s brother?! Quick, let’s send her a picture! Is that my friend from high school with her kids? “He really wants a grilled cheese.” You’ve come to the right place kid. I also managed to trade Merriweather Post parking passes for a french bread pizza slice.
At 5 pm I get a text from the dude with my miracle, “Be there at 7. I’m at the Holland Tunnel.” Good luck. I ask him to text me the codes so I can get in. Sure enough, he gets in at 8:45 and I proceed to tell him all about the greatest first set ever and that his life is incomplete for missing it. “They started an hour early and played a 30-minute Dark Star! They’re handing out bags of weed and money! Free blowjobs and garlic fries in the back.”
I say it often but it’s still true, I come for the family. So many people to see and be with. An entire bustling economy and sharing the community of interesting and artistic folk from around the globe. The music almost takes second place. I danced on the lawn, I danced in the moat, and I danced by the vendors. Mid-walk to get food, Carini comes on and I sprint into the moat. The crew was easy to find and we threw down. That was a musical highlight for the night in my book.
The second night eclipsed the setlist from the first but word of amazing shows from the south was circling. I got a song I wanted so I was happy. Knowing I have three more tickets in my pocket for future shows helps as well. There is more to come and I can’t wait!
Phish Camden 2018 sunset

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