Phish at MSG 2018- New York, NY

Dad sees Phish

A reluctant NYE run at MSG reminded me to stay connected to body, community, family, and fun.

A reluctant run of shows at MSG proves seamless and satisfying. Tickets for all four nights at MSG came through the lottery but none were for the bridge. I had purchased them to secure those nights as an option and had buyers for all by mid-October.  As my plans shifted and I became available, the opportunity to keep the tickets presented itself but I wasn’t sure if that’s how I wanted to spend my time. Party of me wanted to be home alone. Part of me knew I should be with other people.

Phish- 60 Shows at MSG

The first night I took my neighbor. He has no experience with Phish but loves music and concerts. We’ve seen a few things together including the Game of Thrones experience. We caught a decent view of the crowd from 226 which also provided a sense of the effects of lights without actually seeing their source. I answered questions about the music, the band, the history, the staging, the lights, and how I manage to not get high during their shows. We hit the Phellowship table at set break and work our way to the bridge for the second set to dance and be with friends. He tells me he’d come back any time.

Night two found me on the bridge most of the time. My extra went to Island Girl and we parted ways soon after entry. but we caught up with Kristyn and her man once upstairs. It was his first show. Early in the set, I was pulled to a phone call with Kinetic who was having a tough day. Happy to sit and talk in a nook by the elevators where I’ve taken many phone calls in the past, we planned a time for me to visit and I book a ticket while we talked.

Phish 2018 NYE MSG

Night three my father came. I had spoken so highly of the Bakers Dozen that he asked me to ensure he knew when they were next in town. First, he wanted to be sure his wife had a ticket too. She had no interest though. Next, I reinforced that the 30th was often the best night of the year. Our seats were just behind the stage in 113. I had tried to swap with someone for seats with a good view of the lights. He was still impressed with the view from where we were. He came to the meeting at set break and met so many people. Everyone mentioned how cool it was that he came and asked how he liked it so far. His first Phish show was either 99 or 2000 in Holmdel. I was sad that we got there too late for Shakedown and of course, there’s none at MSG. One day he’ll get the full experience. Seem’s he’s a magnet for Mike’s song. He asked a few times which songs were theirs vs covers. He was excited to hear a Crosseyed as he’s a big Talking Heads fan.

The last night was the most up in the air. I didn’t want to deal with people, traffic, or ridiculousness. I hadn’t slept much so I was being inefficient with my time and energy. I wasted money with a Lyft to the train station ensuring I’d need one back as well. Getting to and being in the city was a breeze though. I toured Kristyn and company through town and we got the Indian food I promised (not much of that in WV). We went to get Stumptown coffee and connect with some other lovely folk at their hotel room nearby. Once inside, of course I got back to the bridge right away. I gave my extra to a friend’s daughter who at only 7 years old, has been to plenty of great shows and I know she appreciates the time. The music was great, the countdown “gag” (or spectacle as I call it) was fun, and there were hugs and kisses all around.

Phish NYE 2018 Balloons

The music was good medicine as were the hugs and love from strangers and friends. I was asked to perform a wedding on the 30th but at the last minute so it wouldn’t have been legit with the city (seriously, you didn’t have someone planned earlier?). I wasn’t in my best headspace overall, wasn’t ready to be alone, and wasn’t ready for the year to be over but by the end, I was ready for a new year to start.


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