Nahko & Dispatch at Central Park- Ny, NY

dispatch at summerstage
wThe last time I saw Dispatch it was at Gathering of the Vibes (RIP) however many years ago. It was rare for me to see a Sunday show there. Usually, I would leave in the morning to beat traffic, shower, and avoid the local crowds. My sister was coming just for the Sunday show and just to see Dispatch so I couldn’t say no. I barely remember the show but seems I’ve got another chance now.
sis gives a miracle

NYC SummerStage to the rescue. Great food (courtesy of my friend at Landhaus), a great stage with (mostly) clear eye lines, small venue, nice weather (usually), and affordable tickets. I bought one from Hair Tie’s friend, my sister ended up with an extra and I direct her to the fans on the rocks across from the venue. Her second miracle! Once the last member of her crew arrives, we’re in the show. Again, I came to see her. I’m reminded of seeing Blues Traveler at Roseland Ballroom (RIP) in the 90s. Mom got me a ticket so I could chaperone. Sis had a shit time but I ran into a friend doing the same thing for his sister. He and I had a blast! As in this situation, I’m not a massive fan but listened to a few tracks before arrival. After mentioning my evening plans, someone asked, “isn’t Nahko opening?” What?! Ok, now I’m more excited. Sis hadn’t heard of Nahko and I’m not a massive fan of his either but I know I like it and some friends would be jealous. As it turned out, he did resonate well with the audience. I wish he played longer too.

Some friends were inside so that was nice. Skyler is a massive Dispatch fan and has never seen them due to their hiatus in the ‘00s. I also saw a friend who runs Permajam. It must not have been time to end that experience from last weekend and I’m happy to have it live on. Introductions, food procurement, merch browsing and then the main event.
They’re not quite a jamband, they’re not bluegrass, their not indie; Dispatch is jam-inspired rock with a 90’s grunge influence. They live in an interesting intersection of their time. Indeed they gave a shout out to Peter Shapiro for hosting them at the Wetlands (RIP) and said he was backstage tonight. The crowd was mostly HENRYs and DINKs from around the city. There were tarps close to the stage, petulant kids, and lots of polo shirts. That said, I also saw a Joy Division shirt (on someone younger than Ian Curtis was when he died) and a Gorilla Biscuits shirt (on someone I may have dove into at ABC No Rio). 

Still not a massive fan but it was great to see a new crowd. It was great to be with my sister. It was great to see people enjoying their favorite band.

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