Mockstrocity Tour at The Wellmont- Montclair, NJ

Okilly Dokilly, Metalachi, and Mac Sabbath are on tour billed as the Mockstrocity Tour 2017. This was a ridiculous, silly, and fun event. First off, I have to say that it was a great change of pace to see a local show. The Wellmont is 3 blocks from my house and since they became a Live Nation venue, they have become a great destination for shows. Each year it is used as part of the local film fest which attracts local celebrities like Colbert and others. As a kid, the Wellmont was a movie theater; I have clear memories of seeing the Brady Bunch Movie there.
Secondly, it was nice to go to a heavier show. Oddly enough, the last heavy show I saw was also Sabbath-themed. Of all three bands I only really knew Metalachi. They were my impetus to buy a ticket. I had missed their last gig at Irving Plaza and was glad they were coming close. If you haven’t guessed, they are a metal mariachi band. Actually, they are the “first and only” metal mariachi band. They play classic metal and hard rock hits but mariachi style. They have a trumpet player, a guitarrón (that big acoustic bass), a violin, guitar, and singer. Here’s the violin player doing a Bach> Zeppelin> Metallica medley:

Other hits included Crazy Train, Master Of Puppets, Caught in a Mosh, Raining Blood, Holy Diver, Hot For Teacher, and more. The musicianship is great, they’re tons of fun and nothing beats a mix tape of your favorite classics. Bonus points for electric violin leads, escpecially on Crazy Train. She nailed it! They kept the crowd excited and were tons of fun. Halfway through their set, dozens of balloons came down from the balcony. I’m always amazed how people react to balloons at shows. I can think of few other causes for such a brutal invasion of space than someone jumping at me to touch a balloon. White, green and red balloons were everywhere. The Mexican vibe was in full effect and climaxed as they walked off stage to the crowd chanting, “Fuck Trump!”
okilly dokilly
Ok, on the strange stuffs. The opening band was totally new to me. They are called Okilly Dokilly and play original, growling metal songs made up of Ned Flanders lines from the Simpsons. In fact, they call themselves a Nedal band. They all dress like Ned. They all wear glasses and have mustaches. It was creepy. Especially since every song ended with the singer saying, “Thanks Neighborinos!” They were the opener and it was still a light (and sober) crowd so the spectacle of it all was hard to look away from. I love their logos and their commitment. The songs were hard to make out but musically were quite good. The finally included the singer in his ski suit singing “Like I’m Wearing Nothing At All”. It was amazing. After their set, the PA pumped a Phish version of the Los Lobos classic “When the Circus Comes to Town.” An odd musical counterpoint to the show s
mac sabbath
o far but I appreciate the Los Lobos nod before Metalachi. The woman in the Hydrogen hoodie said she didn’t notice the song but was excited I knew what her hoodie was all about.
Then it all got stranger. Mac Sabbath is a McDonalds themed Black Sabbath cover band. I looked into them a bit just before the show and got freaked. The costumes are nuts. They’re not just the McDonads costumes, they’re twisted, dark versions of the costumes. Grimmace played bass, Ronald sang, Mayor McCheese on guitar, and the Hamburglar on drums. I would have loved if they played the real versions of the songs. Instead, they played silly food based versions of the lyrics over the Black Sabbath songs. Frying Pan instead of Iron Man, Sweet Beef instead of Sweet Leaf. You get the idea. They also added lots of banter with various degrees os humor. The upside was the mosh pit that opened up next to me. It was a huge pit but with few people. Chicken head was there of course as were a few girls somersaulting through the middle. I preferred to stay on the edge this time. The girl next to me, let’s call her Stitches, explained that usually she’d be in the middle too but just had surgery. I the wall protecting her from the three dudes picking up strangers and carrying them to the front in what can only be described as involuntary crowd surfing. They seemed to be having fun and everyone who was handed off to security came back quickly and asked for another ride. I’ve got nothign against pits of course but an empty one seemed more dangerous somehow.

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