Ministry at Irving Plaza- NY, NY

ministry 2019 nyc

Uncle Al is 60 years old. The first set was slow and maybe the years were starting to show. That’s he’s playing at all is welcome and the crowd was grateful. Last year’s show had plenty of energy but this was a palpable drop. Most of that first set was new stuff. He’s moved more political and has repeated some of the anti-Trump imagery throughout the show. The songs were more atmospheric but still had the Ministry roots.

Al came back and thanked us for letting him play the new stuff. As a “reward” he took us back to the 1900’s and blasted through some powerful tunes that completely reversed the slow start. Just like last year, I was tucked into the pit all night. Slow going at first but that second set got going quickly.

Griffin came with again but he’s too fancy for the pit (again). He watched from the VIP balcony and managed to avoid the sweat and blood. Not my blood but I’m sure I bruised a rib or two. Familiar faces and a few new ones. Tall hippies taking eyes out with swinging dreads, wanna be wrestlers throwing elbows, stocky lifters with beer-fueled vigor throwing people deeper, and a few protective boyfriends on the edge making a forearm wall to save their dates.

Twice I was thrown in by people but I didn’t fall once. I managed to keep my watch on this time as well. The night ended as usual, hugs and smiles all around. The guitarist came through the crowd after packing up and took photos while chatting up the fans. Al was long gone. Probably napping or getting a massage. I hope I can rage like him at 60.


I Know Words
Twilight Zone
Victims of a Clown
We’re Tired of It
Game Over
The Land of Rape and Honey
The Missing
Just One Fix
So What


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