Lotus at Playstation Theater- NY, NY

Lotus at Playstation Theater

I almost bailed. Two others did last minute. I almost went to the wrong venue. I fought through evening traffic to get to the city and wouldn’t have driven if the show was here. I parked and managed to stay dry under sidestreet scaffolding. Planning my path became a quest for cover. Pouring rain, Times Square, what’s not to love? Many great experiences with Lotus kept me vigilant though. Armed with two miracles, I hit the line and tried to stay dry. People still haven’t figured out how to go through security. I get you’re trying to sneak a bunch of drugs in but come on!

The Playstation theater is great but only half open. This was new to me. For a minute I thought I misremembered the space. The back half of the venue has a wide seating area that looks like a 1960’s Vegas theater. A black curtain blocked the entire section off but left room for standing, dancing, and more. The vast lobby has screens and audio (and of course a few Playstations setup) so you can always find a place to enjoy the show with room to dance.

I started at the rail and was thundered by bass from the first notes. Further back the sound was balanced and there was more room to enjoy. Their sound is EDM/ Jamband with flairs of jazz/ fusion. Not quite Electric Love Machine but still impressive. My highlight with this band was a now-famous Talking Heads set at Gathering of the Vibes. I have also seen them at Camp Bisco and listened to a few sets in preparation for this gig.

Someone asked me what song they started with. I directed them to the merch table, I had no idea. One song sounded familiar. Two packed sets of nearly non-stop music. Danceable for sure, super talented musicians, shelter from the rain too but perhaps my heart wasn’t in it. Was it the crowd?

Catching up with friends was a nice treat but all in, I did more standing and listening than anything. I guess that sounds like what you do at a concert right? Soon after this show they announced they’ll be playing a Talking Heads set. That is on my radar for sure. We’ll see what happens that night.


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