LCD Soundsystem at Brooklyn Steel- Brooklyn, NY

LCD Soundsystem at Brooklyn Steel

LCD Soundsystem at Brooklyn Steel
Ready for more music math? LCD Soundsytem is equal parts Fela Kuti, Talking Heads, and Giorgio Moroder. Please leave a comment if you have a formula you prefer. Some have suggested Severed Heads or Public Image Ltd. instead of Giorgio. Either way, have you really not heard LCD Soundsystem? Some songs are heavier, some are thoughtful and touching, others have poignant lyrics about the changing face of culture and “borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 80’s.”

Upon entry, numerous signs indicated we should not videotape or photograph the show. Especially the old songs. This was restated after the first song with the context of distraction while looking out on the crowd. I’ve heard this before at shows of course. Lumineers have said this and Natalie Merchant, while in the middle of a song, looked at someone in the front and said, “I’m right here. Be with me now.” I loved it. One upside of this is you’re not blocked by someone’s phone. Another upside is not getting frustrated by people filming vertically. Seriously, do they have vertical TVs? Who whats a thin video of what’s happening?

Anyhoo, the show was great and also served as the inauguration of this amazing new venue. Brooklyn Steel is located in Fort Greene Brooklyn just east of Williamsburg and is massive! It is a converted warehouse or some other industrial building. It is a long room with a steel balcony that reaches across both sides. Two-thirds of the way back from the stage is a slightly raised section in front of the bar. The high ceiling makes this space feel even larger. Doors were 7:30 and the show was booked for eight. I got to the second row by 8:15 and waited then waited some more. They didn’t take the stage till close to 10 pm but that was ok because the whole place was instantly transported once the music started.

The crowd was interesting as evidenced by the scattered ages and varied t-shirts. I saw everything from Grateful Dead to Joy Division. The floor was packed but we danced as well as possible. I managed to retreat to the back for the second set where there was slightly more room. Doing so also allowed me to escape the couple in front of me who would not stop hooking up. You’d think that was more distracting than cell phones but whatever.

I can’t finish this post without a huge thank you to my friend who got the ticket for me. She tried to buy them online during the initial release as I was in transit. It sold out in seconds but then, this week, she found out a friend could get a ticket from the promoter. It was a 50/50 shot and I didn’t get confirmation until the afternoon of so it was a thrilling day. Thank you, my friend. Enjoy your trip to Africa!


Us v Them

Play Video

Daft Punk Is Playing at My House

Play Video

I Can Change

Get Innocuous!

You Wanted a Hit



Someone Great


New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down


Emotional Haircut


Call The Police

American Dream

Dance Yrself Clean

All My Friends


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