JRAD at The Capitol Theater- Port Chester, NY

JRAD Brooklyn Bowl

JRAD is quickly becoming a hard ticket to find. They have been a festival draw for some time and are now selling out major venues with second-hand tickets far exceeding even Dark Star Orchestra prices. Luckily I was on the list. Accepting an opportunity to volunteer allowed me early access and recommendations for assistance. Many names were dropped and Hair Tie got the spot. I’ve lost track of how many shows we’ve seen together but we are comfortable enough now to make his fiancé jealous.

We shared a front room table with Relix and set up our gear early in the evening before most people had started to come in. Together we inflated yellow balloons, spread candy on the table, and presented stickers for sale. The yellow balloon group is similar to the Wharf Rats. During the set break we offered a safe space for those who gathered to check in. Specifically, these groups (the Phellowship at Phish, Jellyfish at SCI, etc) offer a community for those who choose to attend shows clean/ sober. We stay put during the show (while in earshot and view of the monitors) and explained our mission to curious folk walking by. Many were familiar and were excited to see us at a JRAD show.

#stealyourface #wharfrats #jrad

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My energy was well matched for a night off the dance floor stacking candy and guessing where the band would take the set next. As I’ve mentioned, JRAD famously mixes Dead classics in an unpredictable order. Take a look at the setlist below to see what I mean. The show started with Throwing Stones which was typically a second-set closer. Also, Radiohead obviously was not a common cover for the Dead.

I forget what had me feel so tired but I didn’t dance a single step all night. Again, I was on the list so I didn’t prevent anyone access to the dance floor at all. Halloween weekend will be another opportunity for me to see them and I plan to save energy for that show.

  1. Throwing Stones >
  2. Jack Straw >
  3. Ramble On Rose
  4. Weather Report Suite, Part 1 Instrumental
  5. Black-Throated Wind
  6. Scarlet Begonias
  7. West L.A. Fadeaway

    Set 2

  8. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
  9. Help on the Way >
  10. Slipknot! >
  11. The Bends >
  12. Estimated Prophet >
  13. Tennessee Jed
  14. Truckin’


  1. Tell Me, Momma

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