JRAD at the Capitol Theater (night 2)- Port Chester, NY

…..I don’t want to go, I am feeling a bit funky and just want to stay in bed for another 24 hours. I was hoping he would cancel, but no such luck……Thank god!!!

We get into town a bit later than my usual, the regular dinner haunts are now jam packed full of people fueling up for the show. It’s a good thing that we are in the heart of ‘main street’ Portchester and they have a ton of restaurants within walking distance, all of which are cheap and amazing. Not disappointed with our selection (a Colombian joint around the block) we eat to the point of being ridiculous and roll ourselves over to the Capitol Theater for the festivities.

Oh, look here……we are popping AdMan’s cherry!!! First JRAD show, and though I am definitely not a veteran, I explain to him about the schtick/theme that I had uncovered (the theme tonight is ‘party animals’ and we have unicorns and big cats all around. I’ll say, had I known the theme prior, I probably would have worn my new hat that ‘the master of this domain’ had just given me…I think I will attach a photo of me with it on)

The show starts and we find an area that is close to our actual seats but there is some room to breathe (and sway a bit, not quite dance) they really sound great. I am considering if it’s possible that this is the first time I’ve been up in the balcony @ the Capitol? I know this much if it’s not the venue, the band put on a crazy cool lights show. I don’t recall seeing anything like it, I kind of feel like I’m on a really good acid trip….we cannot believe we’re back to staring at walls!!!) the first set has great energy, and I’m really getting into this good groove.

Set-break comes and neither one of us want to leave the seats. We meet this nice older gentleman and he starts talking about ‘the old days’, and his new experience with String Cheese this past NYE….he then says he might just go to Red Rocks for them in a few weeks time, he’s never been and would like to experience it once. I told him my story about Red Rocks. It was a few years back (2011/2012?) Furthur were going to be playing there and I was talking to an old head about the possibility of me making the trip. He said, “listen to me friend….airplanes fly, fish swim and deadheads go to Red Rocks”. I went home that night and booked the trip. I am forever grateful for that man…..

Set two starts out with women smarter, and I find this to be quite amusing…..I hadn’t heard this in a while (I’m sure) and yet it’s played at the last two shows with AdMan, I guess the universe is just trying to tell him something? And there’s a Mr. Charlie and Eyes if the World (Both songs are reminders of good people in my life. I send them quick video clips. I try to let others know when they’re on my mind, it makes my heart smile when others do this for me) I’m starting to lose steam, and am thinking….Let’s get down to the floor level and finish off the set, shall we? Good choice! We have plenty of dance space and we run into a few friends to get down with.

What is it they say, never miss a Sunday show?!?


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