JRAD at Red Rocks- Morrison, CO

JRAD at Red Rocks
Tooled around town drinking water, coffee, and eating lots of yummy foods. When you first land in Denver, it is important to acclimate to the altitude. As someone who lives at sea level and who doesn’t smoke pot anymore, my first tasks revolved around self-care. Especially when the next major event of the night is to drive further into the mountains to dance. I took a Lyft thinking others would be headed to Red Rocks. We went to the Broncos stadium instead which took lots of time. Two long trains and tons of pedestrians in the way didn’t help.
My Lyft driver got me to the perfect entrance once at the venue. I waited a while for security and came in just as JRAD hit the stage. It always amazes me how close to the stage you can get. I walked up the stage-left staircase and ran into my tour buddy from last summer. Hooray! I continued the walk to the top of the stairs and around the other side. Halfway down I found a group of friends. Hugs delivered and dancing begun.
Two hours of jet lag and over a mile above my average altitude I did my best to minimize my exertion. I drank, even more, water and tried to hold onto handrails. Red Rocks feels very steep.
The set was great and featured some Phish teases as well as their signature; unpredictable transitions. The Grateful Dead wouldn’t have thought to sandwich Music, Dancin, Box of Rain, and He’s Gone all into New Speedway Boogie. This is part of the appeal JRAD brings fans.
Set break found me near the stage catching up with friends and briefly chatting up Holly Bowling. Hopefully, I’ll see her at the Phish shows to chat more. She’s incredibly friendly and a true fan (of music, not of me). Always approachable and just a delight.
The rain intensified during a drawn-out Morning Dew. The post-apocalyptic song by Bonnie Dobson was a popular cover for the dead and in fact, was the first song she wrote. Having missiles in the news these days remind me of what she must have feared during the Cuban crisis when it was written.
The evening found me tired and quite excited to find a BBQ food truck while walking to the parking lot. Pulled pork with a side of Mac n cheese helped confuse my tired, jet-lagged, and nearly altitude sick body. A friend offered me a ride to my hotel I exchange for space on the bed. Well worth it.
Morning. Nice rest especially knowing I’d be camping for the next few nights. No hot water in the shower and I’m just about to check out. Sucks. The buffet was fine and I feel fed but I’m trapped at the hotel waiting for an overnight package from home. I had left my Phish tickets and camping pass on my desk. Luckily I realized while on the jetway as I boarded the plane. A friend sent them overnight and as soon as they arrive I’ll head to Phish for the next 3 nights. Stay tuned!!
  1. Here Comes Sunshine
  2. Rubin and Cherise
  3. Mama Tried
  4. New Speedway Boogie
  5. The Music Never Stopped Reprise
  6. Dancin’ in the Streets
  7. New Speedway Boogie Reprise
  8. Box of Rain
  9. He’s Gone
  10. New Speedway Boogie Reprise
  11. Truckin’
  12. Born Cross-Eyed
  13. Jack Straw
  14. Feel Like a Stranger
  15. China Cat Sunflower
  16. The Eleven
  17. The Wheel
  18. There Is a Mountain
  19. I Know You Rider
  20. Greatest Story Ever Told
  21. Morning Dew
  22. And We Bid You Goodnight

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