Island Relief Concert at Radio City Music Hall- NY, New York

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I wasn’t a believer in the mindset of STFU until this show. This is the one. I cannot handle your incessant words, forever and ever being lashed upon my ears. Please stop!!!!

So this show is called Island Relief Concert, at Radio City Music Hall NYC. It happened January 6, 2018, and this is week one and show one, as the website goes, I am right on track…

As the first act Hooray for the Riff Raff was coming on stage, I was sure that it would cease. Nope. This is a local band (from the Bronx) and I have heard them on their hometown radio WFUV (90.1FM). They are impressive and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future. Something happened to the lead singer mid-third song, she apologized, said something about the cold affecting her (maybe her voice?) and walked off stage. And then the rest of the band followed? So, that was a little strange…I guess I could have looked into it afterward but, I didn’t.

Short break (not from the chatterbox behind me though) and next up was Aaron Neville, the old-timey R&B artist. He started with “Stand by Me” and really hit some of them high notes. Man, you cannot deny this guy. He has talent! As his set was getting going, the knucklehead behind me was discussing the fact that they really dropped the ball, putting this ‘fill-in’ up on stage. I’m so happy his neighbor politely told him to get a clue….. there were a few more cover tunes and a couple originals, we will see more of him later on in the show.

Break…This is who/what I came for…Trey Anastasio Band. They are up next, I’m super excited!!! When (master of this domain name) asked if I would write a piece for this site, my first thought was, “I am not a writer” and quickly followed by “I better start taking notes cause I’m slightly charred and cannot recall things like set lists” (even songs names elude me most often). He assured me that is not the purpose of writing, it’s about what the show ‘did for me-how it made me feel-what impact does it now hold’. So, good thing cause I cannot remember what they started with, or even much of the set. I can tell you that during the first song I was thinking ‘oh good! You finally shut up!!!’ And it was at the third or fourth song that I realized that they weren’t there, that is why it was quiet. I didn’t care the reason as long as it was, until it wasn’t again…..in the middle of Jennifer (Hartswick) singing Clint Eastwood. After this song was when I had to ask “excuse me, but do you talk through entire movies also?!?” He said YES!!! What a complete and total douche! Anyway, trey band set was coming to a close and I was willing to leave at this point, but there was one more act to follow…..Dave Matthews (not the band, just Dave solo acoustic)

Now I don’t KNOW Dave, I think Dave is a good musician. I don’t hate Dave. He comes out says a few words and I think ‘he’s mighty quirky’. He plays a bit and talks a bit. I like this, makes it intimate. You don’t see this often. But the stuff he’s saying is just a little ‘off’ not in a disrespectful way but he kind of reminds me of a cousin who is ‘on the spectrum’. (please no offense meant here, just my observation) I will use the work quirky again. He’s cute though. He’s really staying with the masses or keeping us with him. I like him. And his music is not awful. All the fans are singing along, and I would say most of the people in the crowd were there to see Dave perform. He brings a couple guys out to play with him. First, it’s some guy he met in an airport, (randomly talking with them cause they clearly musicians on the road), they stayed in touch. I think the guy plays with the DMB now? Then it is a saxophone player. Again, my retention is shot, we could probably look up this information online to get real details…..but how important is it? They belted out a couple tunes. They were amazing! Enough said!

Encore. Trey comes onstage with Dave. Just the two of them. They play Waste, this is awesome. I love that they came together to play. They have done this before, quite some time ago….fun! And then the curtain goes up and the rest of Trey Band and the other performers are on stage. There are three tunes, maybe four. I know Iko Iko and Take me Higher are the final two songs of the night. So, for all that have gotten this far. Thank you for reading. If you hated this piece blame (master of this domain name). He is the one who chose to publish it.


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