Ice Petal Flower at Island Girl’s house- Island Park, NY

When your birthday comes you have to decide if you’ll have a quiet chill night or go all out. Some birthdays seem more important than others but for many, another birthday is all that matters. Being grateful for waking up in the morning can be enough reason to celebrate. When you’re so excited to be alive, you do what my friend Island Girl did, you throw a massive party at your house and hire a band. Having a new house that can accommodate a party is also a good impetus and when the neighbors are both out of town, it’s hard to pass up.

You’re excitement at being alive and having a throng of generous and smiling friends due in from hours away will supersede any weather issues, traffic, issues, or space logistics. Originally the band would be outside but the wind and rain were the first guests to arrive. To the living room! By the time I showed up, the house was mostly empty. The only items in the living room were PA equipment that seemed way too large for this space. If a band could fit in the room, where would the audience go? I traced the cables to a soundboard in the next room. This was serious. The bedroom had turned into a buffet room for all the amazing food to come. And there in the kitchen was Island Girl, glowing and cooking up a storm. Her infectious giddy laugh at the scene got me even more excited. The wide eyes and matching smile seemd to ask, “Can you believe this?!”

I head to the back to help tie down tarps and pop-up tents so we can stay dry as the band starts to show up. I only know the bassist Black Braids (he had his hair in black braids on multiple occasions that don’t include tonight) but know he is talented and I’m very excited to dive in. I had never seen him play but we’ve geeked out over gear on many occasions over the years. He is the recent addition to a band called Ice Petal Flowers; They were lots of fun. Three sets of dead covers full of enthusiasm, smiles, and a dancing audience who found a way to find a space in a place with little space. Even out back the music found us while cooking, standing by the fire, or catching up with friends (“you got engaged?” “Where do you live again?” “Come to my party!”). In and out of the house to get closer to the tunes all night while snacking on decadent and dangerously delicious treats proved a wonderful balance to the evening.

After the third set we sang happy birthday and as the crowd dwindled we started to clean and have serious conversation. I stayed and talked till I was called away to the next event. On the edge of Williamsburg was an equinox/ full moon dance party. I stayed there from 12 – 5 and got home at 6 am. The crowd was young and the DJs were just ok. There was jewelry, art and clothing for sale, and dancers on hand dressed in mirrors with light up toys. Most of my time was spent in the “Chill Zone” which had a stack of white pillows and boxes of markers for us to use. Soon it turned into a massage puddle that was tough to escape. Suddenly the lights came on and it was 5 am.

While the day seemed to have two very different vibes, crowds, intentions, and memories, I’m left feeling love for music, connection, and new experiences. This is perfect because the next event on my list is Ecstatic Dance. You know I love me some Ecstatic Dance!


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  • George Eckenroth 3 years ago Reply

    What a great time with beautiful music and kind folks.

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