Grass is Dead with David Gans at Brooklyn Bowl- Brooklyn, NY

Grass is Dead Strings

1/24/18 (week 4-show 4)

It’s Wednesday, and I worked late. I’m heading to the Brooklyn Bowl for dinner, a night out, some live music and friends. It seems I will be wearing my work attire for the evening, it might not be stylish or even clean (I probably smell like an oil tanker) but I realize it is not very easy to change clothes on the sidewalk in the wintertime. Maybe not any more difficult than any other season actually, except way too cold to be partaking in any skin exposure…..at least these boots are made for walking (dancing) and that is just what I will do. Dance! A whole lot!

The band this evening is The Grass is Dead and I have been seeing them play sporadically for the last twenty years at The Thirsty Turtle in Juno Beach. My folks have a place down in the area, and I had lived there back in 1998 (I just recently uncovered clues that bring me to this series of dates, April-December 1998, so I was 26 y/o. My memory is shot, so for a long time it was ‘somewhere between 25 and 27 years old’). For those that don’t know me yet, I happen to be a big fan of the Grateful Dead music and bluegrass is super badass, so when you put the two together you just can’t go wrong!!! A few years back I was going to Florida to visit the folks for my birthday and Mom wanted to know where I wanted to go for dinner. Dad laughed and said, her birthday falls on a Wednesday, she’s going to want to go to the Turtle…..I checked online to see what time the band went on and that is when I found out that the guitarist Corey passed, and there were no dates scheduled for the foreseeable future……thank god that’s not the end of the story. Billy Gilmore, an original member, brought this new rendition together about a year later, and I am getting to see them for the first time (again)  tonight.

But wait, there’s more!!! They have a special guest tonight. David Gans!!!

David Gans

For all you heads out there you may recognize the name. This is the guy that has been bringing you ‘the Grateful Dead Hour’ on the radio. I have been listening to this man talk to me for the last thirty years just about, and today I get to see him, live in the flesh, and not only is hegoing to talk to me, he will sing and play guitar also. This is such a special treat. I am really in a good head space. This is going to be an amazing evening!!!

So, here we are, I meet up with Hair-tie and his little lady outside the venue. I’m happy to spend a bit of time with these two, we have all been real busy with life and whatnot, and we haven’t seen much of each other yet this year. The little lady is a big fan of the restaurant within the venue because of its vegan options and we like the fried chicken, so everybody is happy. We eat well, catch up and make plans for a trip in March.

We are wrapping up dinner and the show begins. I am a little surprised that David Gans comes out for a solo acoustic set. I guess when I saw he was on the bill I assumed he was to play with the band. So, he comes out and plays a few little ditty’s and it’s feeling funky and I cannot help but move a bit.

Grass is Dead

I cannot really explain what happens at this point. I’m not sure how to. I just know that these types of experiences don’t happen at the grocery store or even on the job site…..so I’m moving, just a bit. And there’s another woman there who is grooving just a bit. And somehow we get to talking (like for a second) and we basically come out of this conversation like “um, can you be my friend?” And that’s that. It was like kindergarten all over again. “Oh, you like purple? Me too! BFFs!!!!” So anyway, I now have a new friend to dance with and I’m so giddy and energized…..and then Bean and Nan show up!!! know these ladies, and they love to dance their faces off, and we are all so happy to dance together, and I think my new friend is a bit relieved that I’m not all creeping and being a random weirdo (it seems that she knows the Bean) and everything is amazing and fantastic!

I’m pretty sure by this point the band is out. David Gans will come back and play a few more songs with them later. So none of us have actually seen this band before. I have seen Billy Gilmore play, but this lineup is new, fresh, and funky. I should have written this piece much sooner because I cannot recall much of their set, other than I CANNOT STOP DANCING!!!! Everyone else seems to be receptive as well. There is a moment that I am exhausted and my back hurts and I need to sit down and 1/2 a minute later I’m jumping up again. The music is flowing through me. I don’t even have a choice I have to dance! I think the only way I’m going to be able to stop is if I leave. I should probably leave. I’m never going to be able to function tomorrow at work……and then I stay, anyway. Because there is no way I’m leaving while there is music playing. Not this night. Not this music. It’s too good…….and then they stop. They played until they could play no more…….until they announce that they will play one more, but they would like help from the crowd. So they grab their instruments and come off the stage and ask that we gather round. And right there, on the dance floor, we have a Ripple singalong……and it was beautiful.

And I even made it to work the next day, no worse for the wear…..


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