Golden Gate Wingmen at Irving Plaza- NYC

Last week I drove to Colorado from NYC to deliver some art for the Dalai Lama. Long story; more here. The impact on my body lingers. Bar-b-que in Kansas and Missouri, 10 hours of driving for four days straight, random beds, highway hypnosis, significant elevation gain, and lack of exercise weaken the already doughy parts and tax the spirit. The days since flying home have been draining for no reason. I’ve started some workouts and have dropped two of the pounds I gained through regulation (i.e. reduction) of my food intake but tonight was the key to bring me back into alignment.

You’ll notice a gap in my calendar. The last two shows I had scheduled were missed. One was an open rehearsal for the NY Philharmonic. I highly recommend you go see that. It’s less money, you don’t have to dress fancy, and occasionally they play a song twice. The session I had tickets for was canceled because of a snowstorm. The second was Trombone Shorty. I didn’t have tickets but canceled my attendance in exchange for the Colorado adventure. I did make it to two interesting parties on the Saturday before and after the Colorado adventure. The first was a celebration of the full moon, the lunar new year, and valentine’s day hosted by Kostume Kult at the Union Square Ballroom (a favorite spot I’ve missed since Ecstatic Dance moved to the Judson Memorial Church). The year of the rooster ushered in by a cock themed party. Costumes required. DJs in two rooms, a cuddle puddle under a LED light show dome, racy balloon animals, etc. It was a blast.

The next was even more out there. It was a two-part event for charity called Foreplay/ House of Love. Lots of amazing aerialists, acrobatics, burlesque, and Avantgarde theater. Beautiful scantly-clad women fed everyone delicacies and there were massages available for free. Exotic and exciting for sure. This was my first time at the venue called House of Yes deep in Brooklyn. I only stayed till 1am as it got way too tight.

Anyhoo, the gap in my proper concert agenda was palpable. This was my third or fourth Golden Gate Wingmen show and I like them a lot. I went by myself but of course found many people I know and made a new friend (who will hopefully come to Ecstatic Dance based on my recommendation. We danced like maniacs together and she gave me a thank you hug before I could give her one). This was the medicine I needed. Gym, meh. I like climbing and yoga but don’t give myself enough time for it. Dancing at a show where I know people won’t care how I look is the best workout I have these days.

Set break gave me time to catch up with some friends and confirm how great the tunes were. 30 minutes of reminiscing about the first set convinced me I needed to be off the rail and in the back. In front of the bar, I found a swirling, spinning, ocean of dreads, patches, skirts, and tie-dye. I was half convinced the woman spinning in front of me was Edie Brickell. She wasn’t but we got to share a nice hug at the end of the night. The woman I invited to Ecstatic Dance looked very familiar even before we started dancing. I am now convinced we have seen each other at shows in the past. I made a mental note halfway through the set to give her a hug and thank her for dancing with me but she beat me to it and gave me a huge smiling squeeze from behind in-between two songs. She seemed very excited about Ecstatic Dance and I hope she comes.

The Golden Gate Wingmen bring a jazzy and playful interpretation to classic dead and Jerry band tunes. They even threw in a The Rain Song by Zeppelin. I tried to get some video but realized later the sound didn’t come through. No idea what happened there but I’ll try to fix it before the next gig. One interesting addition tonight was DJ Logic who added some scratching and loops. He famously played with MMW and has a terrific solo catalog as well of course. I would have liked to hear him featured a bit more. The music overall was great and always sounds better while dancing. My body was healed and thanks to my new earplugs, the ears weren’t ringing at the end of the night. I wish I started using them 20 years ago.  Here’s a link to listen to the full show.
Set 1:
It Takes A Lot to Laugh, A Train to Cry*
The Business*
To Ramona*
Ramble On Rose
It’s Alright
Skakedown Street*
Set 2:
Far Enough*>
Brown-Eyed Women
The Rain Song
Lady with a Fan*>
Terrapin Station*>
So Many Roads
Not Fade Away*
encore: Ripple
*with special guest DJ Logic: loops and turntables

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