Game of Thrones Live at Prudential Center- Newark, NJ

game of thrones live stage
Stack this on the “last-minute decision” pile. I tracked the ticket price over a few weeks and each time I saw a new low I remembered wanting to see the show last year at MSG. I missed it then and didn’t want to miss it now. However, I kept hearing it was much smaller and/or scaled back this year. $37 was the magic price and with an hour to spare, I got dressed and headed out.
Was this going to be another cash grab for the Game of Thrones brand? Will they further butcher this world I’ve come to love through books, TV, and crazy Reddit fan theories? The scaled-back show was actually good news. They are (hopefully) refining the experience.
Parking was a breeze on the street ($40 for a lot? Not a chance) and we strode in with time to spare. I traveled with my neighbor and his roommate. He’s wanted to see a show with me for a while but the timing rarely works out well. He had seen this tour last year and never stopped reminding me how great it was. One serving of shit food I shouldn’t have eaten later and we’re seated. Super close on the first angled section off the floor. Easy to see everything and good placement for the speakers.
A two-tiered main stage for the orchestra in front of a massive screen (flanked by smaller screens) made up a bulk of the scene. The stage then drifted into the floor into two larger sections for soloists. The lights dimmed as the local orchestra took the stage and went black as the touring group arrived. Percussionists, violin, cello, singer, and the composer/ conductor came out to thunderous applause. Of course, they launched into the theme song and showed the opening credit visuals.

kpop fans

Over the course of two acts, they traced the score through the seasons and took breaks to describe the ongoing themes. Famous scenes such as the red wedding, the sparrow trials, “hold the door,” and the massive battles were all portrayed with corresponding video. Occasionally, the dialog came through as well. The video was essential as it reconnected the emotion of the scenes with the audience. We cheered for the writing as much as the music.
The experience reminded me how much I loved the books and the TV show. I’ll even get snooty enough to say that it reminded me how much better the early seasons of the show are because they have better writing as source material. Overall though, the music was terrific and the staging was great. Having this at a nearby venue with easy access was another huge win.
On the way out of the building,we approached some kids camping out on the sidewalk. They were in line for GA access to a show in two days. They had been there for 6 days already… from South Carolina no less. They were number 40 in line as well. Some had been there earlier. Only the power of K-Pop can make this happen. This is their Beatles or Michael Jackson. I wished them luck and told them they were impressive. I should have asked them to write a post here.

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