Electric Love Machine at Brooklyn Bowl- NY, Ny

Electric Love Machine and Shwizz

Electric Love Machine is back in town with a new album no less. As mentioned after their previous show, I was excited to see them again. Sadly, this show had fewer people in attendance. That often happens with weeknight shows for out of state bands. I was very glad I went though especially after learning a friend’s band who I’ve not seen yet, was opening.

Shwizz walked out calm and laid back much like their music. As their opening song progressed and heated up, so did the room. People came to the floor off the lanes and stood from the picnic tables around the room. What started as a fusion track that would fit on the weather channel evolved to a tight groove fueled by the growing crowd.

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It got stranger from there. Jazzy, funky, jammy (sans jam), and after a few songs, a string of tracks with lyrics. Strange that I wasn’t expecting lyrics, everyone had a mic. My next thought, “what decade is it?” I had flashes of Steely Dan, Zappa, and Umphrey’s. Did they just cover Weather Report? Yes, yes they did.
Luckily, Shwizz is local. 2 guitars, saxophone and drums from Nyack, NY and as a bonus, they’re playing at another festival I’m attending later this year.
On to Electric Love Machine. At first, I had forgotten who I had compared them to. I remembered the music math reference but forgot the formula I used. Later in the show, I remembered Umprhey’s – Tool. Looking back now, I see I had added a dash of Steely Dan as well. That still works. They played an interesting cover of Whip it that went some memorable places. There were also some memories of what sounded like video game music. Tight and funky overall, I really want to see them with a full house (deja vu). There was one cheerleader on the floor who helped rally everyone. She took me by a circus grip and dragged me to dance. Totally worth it.

@electriclovemachine clip I meant to post earlier.

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