Electric Love Machine at Brooklyn Bowl- Brooklyn, NY

Electric Love Machine

Baltimore folk are fanatical about Electric Love Machine. The love is justified I just wish some of them had more friends in NYC. This was my second (third?) ELM show and they delivered again. They are tight and consistent. They are funky, fun, and deserve a good audience to elevate the vibe. I’ve said before that I hope to see them at a hometown show and that may take more of a directed effort on my part but I know it will be worth it.

One thing I don’t mention often here is the presence of a band off stage. ELM has a great website, great photos, they are professional and kind, plus they have a well-defined vibe. The fans that were present did dance. Some of the folk bowling came to look as well.

#electriclovemachine has descended on #brooklynbowl tonight with more energy than before.

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I got to Brooklyn Bowl hot off Wormtown with little rest. This show wasn’t even on my calendar until the day before. It just so happened that I was in the city for a meeting of NGO directors to hear a presentation about managerial accounting. I had heard the speaker before but I love them and the work they do plus I learned a lot from other members there. My concern was that I wouldn’t have the energy for a show but I couldn’t let my Baltimore friends down. It also let me sample more Brooklyn Bowl food and now that they are closing in January I figure I should get as much in as possible.

One downside to Brooklyn Bowl is that it is close to Rough Trade one of the best record shops around. I picked up a nice stack of new vinyl and headed into the show. Out of town band, Monday night, I was prepared for a sparse dance floor but was excited to get moving. They came on stage as I ate a terrific chicken sandwich at the bar. Walking to the main floor provides an excellent view of the bowlers. Still, nothing on par with the great athletes of the sport but people had fun and that was key. They danced between rolls and celebrated spares (or anything that wasn’t a gutterball) in time with the funk.

The night was great and as my energy wained I had to leave early. Something I hated having to do as a kid when my dad or friends parent who drove us wanted to get up for work. I try to make it through each show but now have some of my own work to do. That said, I’ll go see Electric Love Machine anytime, any day of the week and recommend you do as well.


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