Electric Love Machine at American Beauty- NYC

I love music math. Not to be confused with math rock, music math is describing bands as an equation of other bands. LCD Soundsystem = Talking Heads + New Order. Here’s another, Primus = The Police + Frank Zappa. There are many (post some in the comments if you have some you love). Anyhoo, when listening to a new band, some of these comparisons come to mind. It isn’t to compartmentalize them, it is an exercise in language and listening. Finding a fitting equation doesn’t diminish any element of my experience. Instead, I think of it as a game.

Electric Love Machine was new to me when a friend suggested I see them. She knows them from Baltimore where they are from and I’m told they have a good following. The border of their following may be New Jersey because the attendance at American Beauty last week was minimal at best. As the show started I was one of maybe five people. I suspect some were the following band. That didn’t stop a few of us from dancing (party instigated by the super fan intent of fist bumping everyone). To their credit, they still played well and seemed to have fun. I know from being on both sides of the stage that nothing beats having a full house with attentive fans. Small gigs are tough sometimes but these four guys played it cool.

You’ll never believe what song lead to this jam! #52showsayear

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After a few songs, the equation came to me. Electric Love Machine = (Umphrey’s McGee – Tool) + Steely Dan. Their songs dabbled in the progressive space without being dark. Helping this along was the addition of fusion and jazz elements to the songs and solos. They held my attention and took songs to some very interesting places. All in, I look forward to seeing them in a packed space. I may have to go to Baltimore but I’ve gone further for less.

The headliner was Broccoli Samurai but I had to leave before their set to get to a onesie party in Brooklyn (typical Thursday night). My friends thought I was joking even after I texted pictures of me in a Totoro onesie which I purchased specifically for the otherwise free event. Turns out the party was great. Fun DJs, great costumes and I got to bond with the other Totoro on the floor.


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  • Lauren Rich 3 years ago Reply

    I’ll travel to Baltimore with you to check these guys out in their element (I’ve been talking about my days down there recently, it’d be nice to see through new eyes)

    aemandee 3 years ago Reply

    I’ve just been informed that they are playing 5/9 at Brooklyn Bowl!

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