Ecstatic Dance 5 at Judson Church- NY, NY

Ecstatic Dance
I love ecstatic dance. So so much. This was the first month the timing aligned for me since April. Luckily I got to bring my friend and her daughter for their first night. I was worried I had oversold it but the word at the end of the night was it was perfect.
The warm up was a lesson in Sufi dance. We whirled like dervishes and learned the meaning of each body position. Years ago when I lived in Maine, I tried contra dancing and still think I’m dizzy from it. My concern about this lesson was I would be so spun I would vomit. Somehow I wasn’t.
Ecstatic Dance for me is play, hugs, gratitude, freedom, and safety. The space is generous, kind, and free of stigma. You can move however you wish and connect with people individually and in groups as easily as you can keep to yourself. Circles formed to bring people in. Partner dances, yoga break dancing, slow dancing, it was all there.
The DJs were on point and the lights were the best I had seen in the year I’ve attended. Projected from the balcony, the design traced the far wall of this huge church. While admiring the lights from the balcony I finally had a chance to try the elixirs and some of the food. Usually, I don’t like to have money on my (or anything for that matter) but made the effort tonight. I shared a cacao ball made with dates and nuts as well as a kombucha drink that was terrific. They also had small rice noodle bowls with mango, red peppers, and other veggies. Not too heavy and very tasty. It was good to support this element of the experience after all this time.
Halfway through, the drummers came out. Two djembe players circled with dancers in the middle of the floor pounded away to a new height and a signal that the next DJ was coming up. It was already hot and the place was packed (reasonably so; there was still plenty of room to dance) but this took it above and beyond. We were sweaty and smiling.
Each month there are more and more first time attendees. I anticipate a move to a new venue in the next year which will be fine with me. The more the merrier! I’m so happy to have this great family of people each month to dance with. The regulars I see are so kind and generous; Many new friendships have been formed and the next batch of people promise more connections and exciting experiences.

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