Dopapod at Gramercy Theater- New York, NY

Dopapod at Gramercy Theater
Knowing it was my last night w/ Kinetic helped motivate me to stay out late. Dopapod was playing nearby and she wanted to keep dancing; no complaint from me. A group of friends close to the door bought our tickets and got us in quickly. The floor was packed so we headed up the stadium seating. “We’re not really gonna sit here are we?” we asked each other with a glance. Some friends hadn’t seen Dopapod before and I shared praises hoping not to oversell it.
“We’re not really gonna sit here are we?” we asked each other with a glance. The floor looked even more full from above but I was confident we’d make a space for ourselves.
Some friends we traveled with hadn’t seen Dopapod before and I shared praises hoping not to oversell it. Partly because I don’t know their tastes well and after seven consecutive Phish shows I barely remember what any other band sounds like.
Kinetic and I were dancing minutes into the first song and didn’t stop for two hours. We carved a space for ourselves amongst the drunk and high. Her blisters were opened by stumbling feet behind her. My shirt was damp with spilled beers. I catch a glimpse of Jane dancing nearby. Big hug and happy hellos before we go back to dancing. She had to leave early and we’ve not spoken since (nearly a week). Kinetic and I continued to rage the scene and when we left, our friends were nowhere in sight. Later I’d learn they tried to dance in the aisles but were pushed back into the seats and left by 2:30 am.
The band played many songs I recognized from seeing them this year. They also brought out a Sufi singer who was amazing and they backed him well. It was a slow 18-minute interlude that was welcome at 2 am. Other songs ranged in style from EDM/ Jam to straight rock. My favorite versions of them are the LCD Soundsystem vibes they bring in. Essentially that just means Fela + Moog. Multiple times throughout the set Kinetic and I looked to each other to say, “That was awesome!” She is certainly a fan now.

She had a 5 am pickup to get her to the airport and we decided not to sleep. From the Gramercy Theater on 23rd street we walked up to Grand Central Terminal so I could show that off but apparently, it closes at 2 am. Photos from the phone would have to do. Next stop, burger and fries. Late night snacks near Times Square bring some interesting folk (included us) talking about interesting things. There were still plenty of people there at 4 am when we left.
Quick shower, pack, and a goodbye that extended into texting pictures of the last two days. She left NYC with Dopapod in her ears, sore legs from dancing, and a world-class museum visit. What beter was to meet the city that doesn’t sleep?
 1.Please Haalp 09:43
2.Trickery 07:49
3.Nerds 11:13
4.Sleeping Giant 06:50
5.French Bowling 12:12
6.Bahbi (w/ Umer Piracha) 18:27
7.Off The Cuff 10:05
8.Freight Train (w/ Jonathan Colman) 14:40
9.FABA 16:41
10.You Oughta Know 08:04

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