Dopapod at Brooklyn Bowl- Brooklyn, NY

Dopapod moms at Brooklyn Bowl

A Friday night in Brooklyn with Hair tie (Ignatius Riley backed out last minute) to see Dopapod at Brooklyn Bowl. He asks if I’ve ever actually been bowling there. In fact, I hadn’t even looked at the prices. Then he tells me how good the mac and cheese is and says we should have eaten here. During set break, I run into Spice Girl who got a lane and ordered the mac and cheese. I need Hair tie to ask me about finding a bag of money. I could use that as well.

We started the show at the front of the stage before it started to fill up. I stash my bag which now has a new t-shirt and sticker Hair tie purchased. The Jauntee opened the show but we only caught a few of their songs. Turing around we saw the venue suddenly seemed filled with kids of all sizes from diverse fandoms. There were pins in hats and the occasional girl with a purse. There were also scattered tie-dyes and a rogue dreadlock or two. There were certainly some super fans who stood at the rail and looked back as they sang along either to show they know the words or to see who else was sharing their experience. The gaggle of 20 somethings near me coughed on a vape pen that made the rounds and drank colorful liquids. Most of the crowd was wearing dark clothes (the unofficial NYC hue is cheerful black) and something about Brooklyn Bowl makes it feel like a cave. Overall, navigating the space was a strain on the eyes.

Hair tie left during the second set after meeting the Spice Girl. We knew he needed to rest up for the blacklight party the next day which was scheduled to run till 5 am (lucky me, it went till 6!). So, on to the bowling. Spice Girl introduces me to Tyson who is in town on business and who is, “a big deal.” Clearly, he’s not so busy he can’t bowl as he was the only one to break 100 in the first game. Spice Girl broke 50 (hooray!). I joined in for the third game if only to avoid eating all their mac and cheese (which was good). I bowled a sad game but I blame it on an overly oiled lane and lack of shoes (not being good at bowling was probably a factor as well).

Dopapod is difficult to place. They have progressive moments and some King Crimson moments but they’re not in the silly/ playful category, and they’re not in the intense and dark category. Many of the songs feel established primarily for jamming around a melodic theme. There were some good covers and teases throughout including a line from Politician by Cream, TNT by AC/DC, and some Allman Brothers. Although I have seen them before, this was the first time I’ve seen them at their own dedicated show vs a festival slot. This show covered a range of vibes and took an interesting turn when two of the band member moms played keys and flute to thunderous applause. Seeing a band at their own show is certainly a different experience and worth doing if you are on the fence about a band. Their spring tour continues and there are many more chances to see them. They will also be at a number of festivals this summer.


I: Confabulation*, Like a Ball, 8 Years Ended^, STADA, Cure!, Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano#, Freight Train Filled with Dynamite%

II: Dracula’s Monk=, FABA, Revival@, Piazole > Nerds&, French Bowling -> Braindead

E: T.N.T. ~

*new song
^contained Tequila teases
#Claude Bolling cover; performed by Chuck, Neal, and both of their Moms on flute and piano
%performed by full band and Chuck and Neal’s moms
@Allman Brothers cover for Becky. w/ Caton Solenberger from the Jauntee on guitar
&contained banter from the Youtube video “Shoes”
!contained teases of Politician by Cream and Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix
=contained elements of Them Changes by Buddy Miles
~AC/DC cover


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