Dead & Company at BB&T Pavilion- Camden, NJ

Dead & Company Camden 2017
One day later, three hours away in a dangerous town, playing tour guide to visitors, and facing an uphill battle for a ticket I wandered the lot again. This time, my finger was in the air for myself. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many people looking for a ticket to a show. There weren’t any for sale or screaming hugs after miracles delivered. Shakedown was packed. Golden curls and her crew were looking for ice coffee and kombucha so I went on a mission. Coffee was quickly found from the same terrific vendor who provided my dirty chai 24 hours ago. Kombucha was the white whale.
Now across the river from Philly, my eye was open for a new set of folk. Some were already inside, some were on their way, and some I just knew I’d hear before I got close to them. The heat was setting in and my arm was growing tired after three hours of walking on blacktop with no shade.
“Hey, do you still need a ticket?” This is one of my favorite phone calls. It was the wooden box man. Yes, I still needed a ticket and so we met close to the entrance. Cue the screaming hugs. Karma isn’t a bitch, karma is action. Karma is cause and effect. Most shows where I get a miracle, I prefer to give it as a miracle. I do this at least once and go in on the next one but this, as I was told, was for me. No fight here.
The first set was similar to last night which lacked detail from me in my related post. The tempo seemed slow. The music was there, the songs were great but the energy seemed lacking. Perhaps this was a comparison to last year at Citi Field where the energy was intense and I thought Bobby was going to have a heart attack. Some people loved last night and said it was perfect. Maybe they were on the floor and were swimming in different energy? I still had a blast and am happy to receive any music I get from these boys. The vibe shifted in the second set tonight. I moved closer to the center, had more room to dance and had finally connected with Twin Flame whom I was seeking out during the first set.

#theyloveeachother #miracle shows are the best! #blessed #52showsayear

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Here’s a tip. When you know a badass crescendo of tension is about to release (musically people, this is a family site), grab a stranger who is only paying partial attention by the shoulders and shake them till they start dancing with you. I’ve tested this at Nine Inch Nails shows, Phish shows, and everything in between. Tonight I saw some dude swaying a bit and I saw his energy draining. Shake shake shake and boom! He’s back. Smartly he chose to dance with his girlfriend and not me.
The show ended and more family showed up. We talked and wandered shakedown till the cops started to break it up. One last lot meal and some coffee to fuel the two-hour ride home was all I needed to start the trek through the sketchy ass Camden. The car was fine in the remote lot. Leaving was easy (from a traffic perspective) and we were only harassed by one local who claimed her phone and car were taken by her boyfriend at the show. This was at least 10 miles from the venue so we wished her luck and moved on. In 2015 you had a 1 in 36 chance of being a victim of a violent crime in what was then the most dangerous city in America.  Today they dispute that claim but it wasn’t worth the chance.

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