Aqueous and Papadosio at Brooklyn Bowl- Brooklyn, NY

Please welcome the first post from Hair-Tie. He’s been mentioned in previous posts and now he speaks!

Hello music fans and welcome to the review for Aqueous and Papadosio at Brooklyn Bowl on February 9th.  Hair-tie here writing my first review for 52 Shows A Year.  I apologize in advance if this write-up sounds like its coming from a high school student because well, it pretty much is. The last paper I wrote was a biography of Jerry Garcia in 2005.  Anyway, back to the show.  So I’m super excited for this show for a few reasons but mainly because I’ve been recovering from shoulder surgery and I finally feel comfortable enough to dance without fear of reinjuring my shoulder.  We get to the venue; I’m in the company of my little lady and Ignatius Riley in search for Island Girl who is meeting us at the venue.  There is a line at the door. The new security they have at the venue is super tight and not as relaxed as I remember.  Finally! We make our way into the venue and run into a few more friends as Aqueous gets on stage.  The dance party begins as the crowd starts to fill in.

Aqueous is very impressive.  Their style of music and flair is right up my alley.  The funky guitar riffs and groovy keyboard was exactly what I needed to start the night. The soulful bass lines topped it off.  If a band can get me to dance so hard that I’m sweating, I would consider that a job well done.  We take a break from the dance floor as the room begins to fill up even more.

The show is sold out and when Brooklyn bowl sells out (anyone that has been there knows) it gets crowded.  We finally grab a spot to sit down during the break and decide since we are such avid partiers its time for coffee!  This could possibly have been the highlight of the night.  As we are sitting drinking our coffee people watching is a must.  The night is brewing an energy that I’ve only been able to find at shows and festivals.  This is the energy that has propelled my passion for live music.  Everyone is on their game tonight and I’m pretty sure it was noticed by others as our spot (dubbed The Coffee Table) began to accumulate visitors.

“Do you wanna get Googled?” was the question from our newest friends.  I was a little weary about how to answer that considering the weirdness the scene has provided, but then I saw Island Girl get “Googled.” I figured, if she’s gonna do it, its gotta be okay!  More Coffee!  As we order our second round of caffeine Papadosio hits the stage!

The place is packed!  Ignatius Riley runs off into the crowd, I hang back with Island Girl and my little lady but soon chase after him. Bobbing and weaving through the crowd along with the beat could possibly be my favorite thing to do.  No sign of my friends as I get closer to the stage.  I find a decent spot, but not even 15 minutes in, people are spilling drinks and I concluded that this is what sardines feel like.  Making the decision to turn and head towards the back is something I’m sure people contemplate all the time.  I sure as hell do.  I knew it was the right decision when on my way back, there he was, killing it with the dance moves, Ignatius at it again.

The music is perfect.  The mix between electronic jam, flowy jazz, and trippy effects I was feeling it.  This not being the first time seeing Papadosio I knew what I was in for, but no shows are ever the same, so the excitement of what was unfolding kept the party going.  We found some peeps that threw down like we did, always in the back.  That’s always where you find dancing room!  The light show that is happening from the stage is mesmerizing.  Papadosio does not disappoint.  The vibe of Brooklyn Bowl at a good show is probably one of my favorite places to be.  Good friends, solid dance moves, getting Googled, and coffee!  Highly recommend seeing both of these bands, together or separate, just get out there and enjoy the show! Hair-tie out.


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