What’s the Sober Jam Scene All About?

The Phellowship

YouTuber Mary Gray Johnson posted a 10-minute student documentary about the sober scene at jamband shows. Mostly focusing on Phish, the conversations and interviews cover newly sober folk and some “old-timers.”

The sober scene at shows became more prominent in the mid 1980s when a group of Deadheads started meeting at set break. That group, the Wharf Rats, still meets at shows and some independent meetings outside of theaters and stadiums. Phish’s equivalent, the Phellowship, started in the late 1990s and now many other bands on the scene have their own version of clean/ sober support.

Typically these groups are not affiliated with any 12-step group or the band. The goal is to offer support for people and to have a place to gather, connect, and enjoy the scene without distraction or in the face of temptations.


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