The Ones That Could Have Been

Tonight I’m skipping three shows and a podcast. Not that I would have done all of them, I would have chosen one of these:

Show the first. Silversun Pickups are playing an acoustic show as part of a Love Trump’s Hate event.

Show the second. The local NPR affiliate did a piece on 8-bit music. The singer for Paladin Shield organized a festival fort tonight and tomorrow in downtown LA.

Show the third. Phish is playing their second night in Mexico and I could steam it online. Tempting but uncomfortable.

Podcast. Paul Sheerer has a show called How Did This Get Made where he, his very funny wife, and a guest analyze an awful movie. They are doing a live tapping.

Why not go? The day was full and last night’s sleep was sparse. After meeting a friend for a yummy vegan brunch, we walked his rescue pitbull through the Hollywood hills. We walked through a cave that served as the exterior shot of the Batcave in the original Adam West Batman. It was blasted just for the show. About a mile into the hills, we had a good view of the Hollywood sign. Soon thereafter Doug and I tired quickly. Must have been the night at the hookah bar.

Moving east, I sit through traffic to get up to the Griffith Observatory. Just in time for Sunset. It was beautiful and to my joy, they offered numerous exhibits free of charge.

Moving south out of the hills past gorgeous homes I can’t afford (one reportedly keeps Paul Rubens and his possessions safe) the land levels out and I head to the west coast music mecca known as Amoeba Music. New Yorkers, remember tower records? Think that with a dash of fan curation. Posters, vintage items, DVDs, clothes, books, etc. I’ve been wanting to go for a while and really took my time. Posters and vinyl caught my interest but the prospect of traveling with them was daunting. I settled on the Blueray of Caprica ($1 are you serious?!) And a production of Hamlet starring David Tenant and Patrick Stewart ($10).

Moving on to the next west coast mecca, Meltdown Comics. Fans of the Nerdist podcast will know this place. Collectables, comics, and theater. This was a key stop. I purchased the first two collected volumes of two Image books. One called Trees and the other called Tokyo Ghost.

Moving further out of Hollywood I landed at Lavoo hookah lounge. One of their hookahs is on my table at home. My lungs are pissed at me but I’m happy. A friend is on his way to catch up and chill. I’m not sure what the next show will be but I feel it coming soon.


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