The Specials at Brooklyn Steel- Brooklyn, NY

the specials at brooklyn steel

Oh yeah, this song! That sums up a night with The Specials. There were a few songs I knew to expect which came in due course. Other were forgotten either totally or as part of their catalog. Oh yeah, they do that song too! They all came together after months of anticipation for this show.

My entire facebook feed is listings of shows happening near me and I learned of this show through an ad. I must have bought the tickets in March and had months to prepare. Island Girl and I were excited for months to get to Brooklyn Steel completely unsure about the crowd and vibe.

Brooklyn Steel is dark and industrial. My history with the venue solidifies an intense vibe starting with LCD Soundsytem and flowing through Umphrey’s. This show brought fans from all ages and walks of life. It was their 40th-anniversary tour as well. Sometimes you can judge the crowd from their t-shirts. Bad Brains, Fishbone, Dead Kennedys, etc. scattered across a sea of “just came from work” folk.

40 years really? 40 years of ska against the machine. The stage was set with protest signs, the songs took extra energy; fully charged with politics from both sides of the Atlantic. We danced to open space in the tightly packed crowd of very tall folk.

Seeing any show with Island Girl is amazing. She smiles throughout and finds joy in each moment. All this was amplified by the anticipation of a rare show opportunity.

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