Kasey Chambers & Carly Burruss at City Winery- New York, NY

Kasey Chambers at City Winery

“You might go to too many shows when……”

Last night I went to a show and halfway through I couldn’t even recall the names of the bands we were seeing……but let me try to explain why. There is a local non-commercial radio station  (I’m not sure, do we promote the station? #wfuv) that on most weekdays they offer free tickets for members (a lottery of sorts, I’m not entirely sure, I tried for tix for years using different tactics, to no avail…..until very recently). I see the list, I’m not sure who anybody is, but didn’t want to ‘lose my spot in line’ so I make a decision based on the very precise strategy of eenie-meanie-miney-moe, and whatdya know, it worked!! I have been chosen!!! I am going to a free show, to see some bands I’ve never heard of (again….)

I have been to City Winery before but never early enough to get the feel for the joint. I didn’t realize that THEY ARE ACTUALLY MAKING WINE RIGHT THERE IN LOWER MANHATTAN!!!! What an amazing concept…..I’m still in awe of the idea. Idk why? They can set up a brewery and it seems reasonable, yet clearly they aren’t growing hops and barley in the city……why is wine grapes any different?? Anyway, super cool, check it out….

I reach out to Aaron, he’s always up for an adventure and sure enough, he’s available Wednesday night. We decided to have dinner inside the venue, Everything was right sized, and very tasty, reasonably priced as well. We also have ample people-watching time and I make up a few scenarios about some of the other patrons. There was lonely guy (who wound up with a harem-go you!!) and sad girl who’s significant other showed up and so did her smile….

The first act, Carly Burruss, is a country artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She is adorable, southern baptist, has a twang, says y’all…..and is FUNNY!!! We noted how it’s nice to be at a show where the artists talk to you, kind of give you a background story to the songs, make you feel like you’re hanging out in their living room (or around a campfire). In the south, there are some sayings, like bless your heart and the likes. She wrote a song about a beauticians creed ‘the higher the hair’ (the closer to Jesus) She apparently has a hit song in Australia, which is interesting cause the next act is FROM Australia…..

Kasey Chambers and Family

The couple sharing the table is taken aback that we came to a show without knowing who the headliner is. They know her and love her and are so looking forward to seeing her…..karly chambers (?) jeez…..I STILL don’t know who I went to see!!!! Anywho, her stories were sweet. She has a new album out called ‘Campfire’ that she wrote to recognize and honor her childhood. Seems her dad is a fox hunter and they lived out in the outback for most of her first twelve years. Sounds groovy!!! What’s there to say? There was a mandolin, a banjo, some harmonicas and some good ole country music!!! She sang a few cover songs, something by Hank Williams and “You Don’t Know Me“ by Ray Charles. It was at this point that I really saw the depth of her singing abilities!!! What a set of lungs on this one!!!! I loved when she broke out the photos, and talked about each one. Oh, and her dad is one of her band mates. She kept saying ‘that’s my dad’ in such a way that was familiar to me…..It was cute.

Overall? It was a successful evening, surprisingly so. I think random show attendance is something I will consider again sometime.

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