Ghosts of the Forest at The Met, Philadelphia, GA

ghosts of the forest philly

How often does someone who’s been touring for 35 years get to play an entirely new 2-hour set of music for people who’ve only heard one song? Well with Trey, I guess a few times. Phish played a Halloween set of tunes inspired from a Disney haunted house record. They also played a full set of new music just six months ago, again for Halloween, billed as a cover of a Swedish band Kasot Vaxt. A more important question is, where, in all that time, plus playing other Phish shows, and his regular band TAB, and appearances with Mike Gordon’s band and Soul Monde does he have time to write and rehearse with a new band? More power to you Trey.

The plan was to hit the DC show on this Ghosts of the Forest tour. It was coming up on a Saturday and I was excited to see friends from WV who were driving in. Thursday I get a call, “I’ve got an extra for Ghosts of the Forest in Philly on Friday. I remember you were headed to DC.” I love these calls. YES, I’ll take your extra and a bed for the night to save 2-hours off my drive south. That will give me extra time in DC with those friends and extra time with Philly friends. 

The Met

I must also mention that this was my first time seeing a show at the newly refurbished Met theater. All I knew was that it was renovated and in a bad neighborhood. Sure enough, it’s gorgeous. It’s a balance of these new industrial looking spaces (Brooklyn Steel, The Fillmore in Philly, etc) and traditional music halls (The Kings Theater, Radio City Music Hall). A huge gorgeous chandelier hovers over the space and rises as the lights went down. 

I hadn’t heard a single note of this music. I had no idea what I was walking into. Overall, it was sensational. He sang lots about being alive and perhaps not being alive soon. He sang about colors and what he felt on his skin. It was vulnerable, mature, and sad. Some jams and some traditional song formats.  Lots of vibes. Petty, prince, Trex? Jazzy, jammy, great fun. Amazing venue, great seats in the center of the balcony, chill crowd, what a nice time!


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