Ghosts of the Forest at The Anthem- Washington, D.C.

Ghosts of the Forest The Anthem

This was the first planned Ghosts of the Forest shows but the second I got to. I was aware of this tour but heard it sold out right away. During an Indian meal just before one of the new years Phish shows, Kristyn told me this DC gig was booked through a unique ticket outlet so it wasn’t sold out. I bought a ticket before the check arrived. Partly to ensure I could see the show and partly because she was going to be there. That all seems like years ago.

Staying in Philly the night before was key. I got to DC in time for Thai food with Kristyn & Co. plus room for a hookah session on 8th street. We had no idea that parking there would be a divine master-stroke. Walking towards the waterfront venue proved cumbersome as hundreds of people were in the streets. Sure the cherry blossoms were in bloom but seriously? The route passed new condos and empty lots that will soon be new condos. Chain restaurants lined the street-level building fronts and the crowds were getting thicker as we walked towards the sunset, blind to the details. 

Once on the boardwalk, it all became clear. Pedalpalooza (not a bike event) was in full swing. Cherry blossom fest was happening right out front or the Anthem. Stages on the piers, local businesses in booths along the walk, and way too many people to negotiate. Luckily the show we were seeing wasn’t a huge shakedown draw. The venue did a masterful job of keeping us penned up till there was room in the lobby. What a shit-show. Later we’d learn that people were trapped in traffic for hours trying to get to town.

Tonight was similar to the show in Philly. I picked out some Zappa and Pink Floyd tones in the music as well. Just as much passion, excited (talkative) crowd and I still liked the tunes. They’re deeply personal, painful, and human. Trey was equally grateful for our participation as well. So rare to sell out a show with no clue what you’ll hear. It still amazes me that he even had time to write and rehearse all this.

Cait showed up as well although she had ticket issues which resolved with a last-minute miracle. She even managed to find us in the crowd. All exciting stuff that was to be repeated at the afterparty we learned about during the gig.

This may be the last time I see Ghosts of the Forest because who knows what the future of the band is. I suspect someone in the future will be impressed that I saw them twice.


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