Some Kind of Jam 2019- at Schuylkill County Fairgrounds, PA

Some Kind of Jam 2019

Back on the scene. Not quite the middle of nowhere but damn close. This year we managed to get in with zero issue. That is, we expected just how rural the area would be and how quickly festival traffic can sneak up on you. We were definitely on the wrong path last year. This time, the directions were correct as were our assumptions/ predictions for weather and placement amongst the other vendors. This year, we were on the main vendor drag opposite the stage and next to our dear friends at Kathy Jeane Milinery

Weather forced a “suspended camping situation” last year but this year, it was an exciting prospect. Our only popup covered our hammocks suspended between the car and a telephone pole. I managed to borrow a second popup from the festival store (it was their personal one which they said was quite busted) for our table and we were set up in minutes.

Wind, rain, and did someone say hail was coming? Cold, more rain, more wind, more cold. The music was amazing and it fueled our friends who gathered the scattered hats which caught a lift from the stirring breezes. Occasionally, it was an entire popup that wanted to blow away. One vendor worked his way down the line helping people screw their popups to the pavement. This seemed to help.

As the wind died down and the rain stopped, the dancing increased. Lots of amazing bands all working towards the Moon Hooch headliner. Trying to describe them to those who’ve not heard proved challenging. Two horns and a drummer playing what sounds like EDM. They instantly gained new fans within the first few songs. 

Some interesting bands that were new to me included Club D’Elf, Deep Creature, Beaucoup Blue, and Uncle Jake & The 18-Wheel Gang. All different, all accessible, all now in my library. I’m suddenly reminded of all the flyers for smaller fests around the area. In the bathrooms, on vendor tables, taped to anything solid then replaced after the rain. Many of the headliners are new to me and the bands in smaller font could all be made up as far as I know. There is so much music out there. I can’t make it to most of those fests but I’m grateful to know that they exist.

Some Kind of Jam is quaint and lovely. I’ve still never seen the camping situation and that’s fine. The people are easy-going, the many dogs are friendly and curious, the vendors are laid-back, and the music always sounds great. It’s larger than a group of friends just chillin but it’s smaller than a massive festival. A friendly medium-sized space to relax and have music on in the background. 


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