Disco Biscuits at The Capitol Theater- Port Chester, NY

disco biscuits cap marquee

Four flights in a week and this was the least-late. By 2 pm I was at the curb outsode Newark airport. The hour flight and 30 minute delay couldnt ease the ache in my heart. Missing friends, leaving family, love withdrawals. 

Knowing I need to be with people I look for events online. In the last few years Ive started a practice of clicking “Interested” in any remotely interesting Facebook event that comes my way. Perfect for a situation like this.  What’s this, the Disco Biscuits are playing at the cap? I bet Pam will be there. Quick text to confirm and I’m on my way to feeling better already.  The rest of the afternoon should have been work after unpacking but that feeling in my gut was super distracting. I played a board game and called more friends. Feeling better I head upstate listening to a mix Apple Music made me. Of course it was perfect and just what I needed. Genre, vibe, energy, passion were all spot on. Best of all, it didn’t interfere with the Biscuits! Soul Monde was just finishing as I walked in. Straight to Pam (it’s always nice to know where people will be in advance) and I got my hug. More smiling friends walk around and refill my hug repository. Even the extended family of strangers I’ve not met yet send lots of love. A question about my ear project turned to tattoos and funny body art anecdotes. All of this before note one.

The Disco Biscuits sound different most times I see them. From classical sets to full Dead covers to EDM, the throughline is excellent musicianship and great listening amongst the members. They are a tight band for sure. They barely stopped all night and that was fine by me. 

Some shows at the cap are too tight to dance. I’m told the Thursday show was empty, tonight was comfortable, and I’m sure Saturday would be raging. Some more people could have been nice but there was a decent balance of eye candy and room to dance.

More friends show up, more hugs, great meeting at the break, and I’m starting to fade. A long day of travel and feels can be draining. Dancing at the end of it was the cap (see what I did there?). I left a bit early which always reminds me of the distain I had for my dad leaving my first big show early. I had no choice since I was just a kid but promised myself I’d never do that. Sorry kid. Self care first. Rest up for the next gig which won’t be far off.

Set 1:Little Lai1Onamae Wa2Little Betty BoopSpaga3Abraxas4SpagaSet 2:King Of The World1We Like To Party1Shadow5CaterpillarBombs>CaterpillarEncore:Home Again

  1. unfinished
  2. last played 10/30/15 (118 shows)
  3. with ‘The Stranger’ (Billy Joel) tease in intro
  4. inverted version
  5. last played 7/16/15 (124 shows)

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