Dead & Company at Nassau Coliseum- Uniondale, NY

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Dead & Company at Nassau Coliseum- Uniondale, NY

“Can you help me run a table?” Of course I can Island Girl! Where and when probed further and sooner than I was expecting. It was 10 am and I had to be on the far side of Manhattan, passed Queens, deeper onto Long Island at Nassau Coliseum by 5pm. This is one of those moments where time is wibbly-wobbly. To get to Uniondale where the coliseum is by 5 pm, you can leave at 3 and maybe get there on time or, you can leave before 2 and get there in an hour. With a few calls on my calendar, I decided to get ready and leave by noon. I got to town and struggled to find cell signal and wifi as I tried to work but made it all happen. I even managed to get candy for the table in time to be at the gate on time. 

I met Island Girl in the employee lot. All I had to say at the gate was that I was volunteering. Don’t expect this to always work but it was smooth and quite convenient. Meet the other volunteers (HeadCount and a few others were represented well) and head in. Our table was where it was the night before. Having helped out a few hours earlier, Island Girl moved smoothly through all the needs and setup process. Not like this was the first time we’ve done this. 

With time to kill before the show, I got to listen to the soundcheck as I explored the newly refurbished venue. Countless great shows here. Many that I’ve seen in person and a stack that I’ve heard recordings of (over and over again). One time, I was actually on stage here. That’s another story though.

The renovations were great. Lots of familiar elements and a nicely updated look. It is a smooth venue to walk through. There are lots of food options (till you wait on a long line and find out they’ve sold out), and the sound was great. Now that I think of it, I never entered the main part of the venue. I peeked in through the curtain at one point but otherwise, I was on the outer ring working the table.

I ran a meeting at set break for nearly 40 people. It was fantastic especially to witness the people who didn’t know about the meetings and found us for the first time. Some ended up hanging out by the table for the rest of the night. Another exciting blessing was spending time with friends who I hadn’t expected to see.

The lot was exciting afterward and I was glad I went. Mostly it was to spend more time with those whose presence was a serendipitous treat. We looked at art, clothes, and food. I actually saw some new things for the first time in a while. I actually bought some things too. I now have 3 nice patches to put on… something… someday. They’re at home with other patches I have that need a home. The highlight of the lot though was garbage wook. Some kid was cleaning the parking lot. He didn’t have gloves but he had a broom and made nice piles which he picked up and diligently threw out. I was nervous about his health and prayed he didn’t have any cuts on his hands. Thank you garbage wook, wherever you are.


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