Dead & Company at Madison Square Garden- NY, NY

Dead and Company halloween 2019 msg

This show kept swirling around me. Weeks earlier I was offered a ticket for $140. I decided not to go at that cost and was soon after offered a ticket for $25 to Sleater Kinney right next door. Awesome! I was also now able to Erica a friend who got a miracle.

5 minutes from picking her up and I get the call that her miracle fell through. “Grab your jewelry and come anyway. Worst case you sell some and best case you find another miracle.” Off we go. During the 30 minute ride, I manage to get her a miracle. As a bonus, we get to surprise Island Girl who knew I was coming but not our mutual friend. Hugs and smiles for miles.

During dinner, I laid out a plan for Erica to get to the bridge, the best place to dance in MSG. If anyone overheard us it would have sounded like a heist movie. Which elevator, which floor, a specific door, etc. Plus, I gave her ideas for contingency plans if those went sideways. All was set and ready to go… We meet up with Island Girl and Ignatius Riley only to find out that the ticket is a seat on the bridge! Perfect, and the plan goes out the window.

While helping sell jewelry, I get wind of a cheap ticket also for the bridge. People were trying to get $150, $200 for seats in sections I don’t even like. $60 for a bridge ticket meant I would have time visiting with friends before heading to Sleater Kinney. Great, after all that, I’m in for two tickets for less than the initial offer for one.

The security line took forever and we heard about some of the songs we were missing; Erica’s favorite was among them. Once inside, all was well. We found our crew, got to dance, and I actually enjoyed the music more than other times I’ve seen Dead & Company.

After being asked enough times it was clear I was meant to spend the entire night at the Dead show. I’ll have to see Sleater Kinney another time. The second set was better than the first. Lots more dancing (which has been missing for me lately) and time to connect with other friends.

Once the show was over, Deliah got to experience nitrous alley. The sad yet magnificent streetscape near MSG that is thousands of balloons and hundreds of wobbly wooks.


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