North Mississippi All-Stars at The Boathouse – Newport News, VA

north Mississippi allstars

So five days between shows is a long time fo sho.  Especially when you’re working for four of them.  My freshman composition students have essays due this weekend, and this week was spent conferencing with all of them individually.  It definitely alleviates the widespread panic that has the potential to occur when they’re writing their essays (I laughed for about ten minutes after writing this; that joke never gets old).

Anywho, after working late, I had to stop at the Food Lion to get one of those Rock Star energy drinks, because on Friday, I’d need to be on my game by conferencing with more students.  That caused me to get there at about 8:20.   During the ride to my apartment, located two minutes in walking distance from the Boathouse, I kept saying to myself, Can’t miss Special Guest!  Can’t miss Special Guest!  When I parked and walked to the venue, I heard, “Can you tell me how to get to North Mississippi All-Stars?”  I started giving him directions, but as I walked over to the car, it was Gary busting my chops. 

We met inside at Special Guest/Roebuck finished up.  I saw Roebuck open up for Roosterfoot back in February, and they’re pretty awesome.  Gary’s assessment, “They’re not as good as Special Guest, but they’re alright.”  I agree; I’ve been seeing Special Guest open for concerts since I was in the womb, pretty much.  Okay, maybe not in the womb, but my first concert at least. 

Anywho, I ran into Dean and Dave.  Dean greeted me with, “I’m surprised you’re not in Chicago or New York seeing a show.”  I thought that was unjustified; I mean, it’s not like I travel THAT much for concerts.  (Thinks to self).  Oh, wait a minute, the title of this blog (notenoughconcerts.weebly.com for those reading Aaron’s page). 

The Dickinson Brothers, Cody and Luther, put on a spectacular show.  I had seen them once before with Mark/Brodysseus in Charlottesville back in 2015; I remembered Andres Osborne, but not the All-Stars.  At one point, someone (I don’t know the dude’s name) came on to play the washboard, which was pretty trance.  There were also teases of Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child,” Otis Redding’s “Hard to Handle,” popularized by the Dead and the Black Crowes.  And they encored with what I thought was the Allman Brothers’s “Mountain Jam.”  Dean and Gary kept talking me into trying to hit the Allman Betts Band at the Norva next week. Tempting, but I don’t like to have to fight through the day-after concert blues at work more than once a month.  But I suppose that could change. 


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