Marcus King Band at Boathouse- Newport News, VA

marcus king band

Welcome our newest writer Craig Wynne. He recently saw my friend Dean’s band (well, I guess it’s the Marcus King band but Dean is awesome and I’m glad I know him).- aemandee

It had been three weeks since my last show (I’m getting old, what can I say?).   After recuperating from a lipoma surgery, I was ready to go back in action, with the exception of this cold I’d been battling, but I’d already paid for my ticket, so I wasn’t missing Marcus King habnabit

Marcus King Band at Boathouse

Just as good as the show itself IMO is the “pregame,” by which I mean the preshow meal and socializing that comes before the show.  Drew and Maggie met at my place, which is a grueling two-minute walk from the Boathouse.  I was in the mood for some fancy sushi rolls, so I proposed Hayashi, the Japanese/Habachi restaurant next door to the venue, which is a popular choice among my tribe.  Gary met us there, and the conversation flowed.  I’ve been pondering giving stand-up a try, and I thought of a skit inspired by the dinner conversation around the idea of “Special Guest.”

I had gotten my ticket in December, before the band decided on an opener, so the ticket read “Special Guest.”  We joked about how we had seen “Special Guest” before, and how there had been singing and instruments, and there was a crowd at that show.  For an even better joke on the idea of the “Special Guest,” check out Fear of a Black HatSadly, I couldn’t find the actual clip.

At any rate, we finished dinner and got to the venue a little after 9, where Special Guest, aka Bennett Wales & The Relief.  They were pretty awesome.  So awesome that I yelled, “Special Guest!” a couple of times and got no reaction.  It would have been funnier if Gary, Mark, and Maggie had all been right by me, but we ended up splitting off in the crowd, which was the largest I had ever seen in The Boathouse, host to internationally reknowned bands such as Skydog, Last Fair Deal, and Touch of the Nile; despite those bands’ notoriety, they only bring in small crowds, so the Boathouse wasn’t quite used to such volume.  When Maggie and I found each other and we attempted to move toward the front, Chelsea, fellow show vet, passed by us as she moved in the opposite direction and said, “It’s not worth it.”  Packed like sardines indeed.

We found a happy medium in the center, a little bit back from the stage.  Maggie and I had stayed in the front for Special Guest, but I hadn’t procured earplugs and my ears were a little sensitive from being so close to the speakers, so I had to move back.  During the night, I ran into Dave, Dean, John, and Wes, all at separate points.  I was told by Facebook and others that Mark, Sheila, and Ashley had been in attendance, but they must have been wearing their invisibility cloaks when I passed by them, so alas, no sightings L

12:30 marked the end of the show, and my last memory was passing out on the couch while my son/cat Chester laid on his favorite pillow, my stomach.


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