Nitzer Ebb at Warsaw- Brooklyn, NY

nitzer ebb warsaw brooklyn

This crew is the safest to rage a show with. Two law enforcement officers I know (whom I can’t disclose too clearly)  are massive metalheads. We’ve done a few shows together as a trio and one of them saw Ministry and KMFDM with me. Of course I feel safe with them but moreover, they’re happy, goofy, tons of fun, and big music fans. 

Nitzer Ebb came on my radar through one of them. “Oh shit, yeah I remember them!” It had been a long while. If you’re not familiar, they’re a British group that bridged the gap between New Order and Ministry. Powerful, electronic, but to a kid today, it would sound soft. Much like how Kiss or Alice Cooper was super heavy at one point.

We met for dinner and their pre-show drinks at a small Asian restaurant down the block from the small Brooklyn club. Appetizers and drinks drowned out by music conversation prepped us for a full night steeped in sound.

The venue is small but gorgeous. It’s a large, high-ceiling room with a raised stage built into the far wall. The moldings and decorations made the space feel like something out of Eyes Wide Shut. The opening act was already on when we got in. A producer playing in front of the perfectly synced video. It was haunting and beautiful. We all thought moments sounded like Nine Inch Nails. At one point, someone asked my buzzed companions to stop talking or move into the bar. They’re loud talkers anyway. Like good music fans, they instantly shut up. Later, the man who complained came by and thanked them. He fully expected them to continue talking. How nice. Everyone wins.

The main act was fantastic. I’ve written about older acts still bringing the energy (The Specials, KMFDM, Ministry, Slayer, etc). A thrilled crowd (no matter how small) must be a fantastic thing. We still knew the words, we all came together and showed appreciation. We were grateful and let them know. No shortage of love from them either. A classic set of undeniably important songs from a time gone by. 


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