Phoam at Union Stage- Washington, D.C.

Phoam Union Stage DC

The Pedalpalooza crowds had dissipated slightly during the Ghosts of the Forest show. Luckily we (most of us at least) had secured tickets to see the Phoam afterparty during that show and were now walking the three blocks to Union Stage. A massive line had formed and many were looking for tickets to the sold-out gig. Cait managed to get one while we waited on line and just in time for us to get to the door.  Another new venue for me. A basement essentially. Why were there so many pizza boxes being passed around? Phoam had already started and we managed to find room to dance stage left near a door to the kitchen. Oh, they make pizza. It looked and smelled fine but I avoided it. Not sure if I wasn’t hungry, wanted to avoid temptation, or just be a snob about NYC pizza. Either way, it was a good spot to hear and there was room to dance a bit. 

I barely remember the set but enjoyed all the tunes. It was upbeat, well jammed, and fun to hear in a small venue. We danced and tried to stay awake but bugged out by 1 am. The crowd was good and energetic. Not too drunk or belligerent, not stepping on anyone, and quite happy to hear some Phish tunes after seeing Trey avoid them for 2 hours.

Phoam has tons of fun on stage. They communicate well and thrived on the energy this crowd gave. I would definitely see them again and am quite interested in their sets for kids. 

  • Tube
  • AC/DC Bag
  • Stash
  • 2001>
  • Harry Hood
  • The Curtain With>
  • The Wedge
  • Tweezer->
  • Free>
  • Roses Are Free
  • YEM->
  • David Bowie
  • E: Loving Cup->
  • Tweezer Reprise

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