Ice Petal Flowers at Maureen’s- Nyack, NY

ice petal flowers at maureens

Another Ice Petal Flowers show? Well, Jason was fixing my guitar and it was easier getting it at one of his gigs than driving to Woodstock. If he had a website for his repairs and custom amp builds I’d link it but you’ll just have to take my word for it, his work is amazing.

I stop to collect some friends on the way and we roll into downtown Nyack. Dead night each Thursday? That’s worth a 30-minute drive. I had no idea this was happening. More friends show up. We’re crammed in a basement that would also have been a great venue for a punk show or to get real high in a corner to forget the world exists. Thankfully, that’s not how I choose to spend time these days. The crowd was professional, I got to meet Maureen and she was lovely. There were vendors, there were drunk people out front, the sound was perfect, the set was great and of course, they played very well.

There’s not tons of room to dance but we make due. Far from a summer day in a field hearing the band through 10,000 watts. We get closer as more arrive. Getting to the bathroom was a dream I eventually had to push towards. The looks from fans were either, “Ooo, I’ve not seen you here before sugar. Come to mamma,” or “Is his face melting?” Only so much can come through dance. 

A second weekday gig. A chance to be with lovely friends around the music we love. An opportunity to connect before and after to discuss life, love, relationships, and vacation plans. This is family. This is community. This is why I come. 


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