Ice Petal Flowers at Desmond’s- New York, NY

Ice petal flowers desmonds

Really, there’s an Irish pub on Park Ave South? Really, they have dead cover bands playing? Sure enough Ice Petal Flowers was playing as I learned from Jason the bassist. 
Anticipation of a show can be equal parts excitement and stress. A night of dancing and great tunes but I want to get there early enough to enjoy and get home early enough to work in the morning… fuck I sound old. How’d this happen?

After shopping in the village for toys and costumes to wear at some upcoming parties, I ventured to the dark and still Park Ave/ midtown area of NYC which shutters once business hours are over. There it is, an Irish pub in the midst of everything. Not even a fancy or exciting and new place. This is a real deal, old-school, Irish pub. Photos on the wall of sports folk and the random celeb who either played or stumbled in at some point. Waitresses with Lady Gaga (a NYC staple pre-fame), Mets, Yankees, footballists, firefighters, the obligatory 9-11 memorial or 3, and a hunting video game (which surely replaced a Golden Tee machine at some point.)

Ice Petal Flowers was setting up in the back. Quick hello to Jason and a thanks for the invite. Others stream into the back room. The band looks cramped on the small riser. It was going to be loud and I’ve forgotten my earplugs. Island Girl shows up, Chuck shows up with his wife, the dog whisperer is there as well. The music starts… yeah, it’s loud. I found a spot on the side of the stage with an equal view of the stage, the bathroom door, and the entrance to the kitchen. I paid a cover but quickly realize I’m not going to drink or eat tonight. Tough for venues that draw sober fans. 

I had to leave before the end of the second set but thoroughly enjoyed the first set. A great mix of tunes played with passion driven by intent listening and true fans. I can’t say that the bass drives a band but can say that boring bass is a waste. Jason gets how to play bass for a Dead band. Once that’s settled, the next question is the drums. Together they lock in a groove with plenty of space to dace. As if they’ve woven a rug for us to cut.

Ice Petal Flowers is getting more dates in town and will give you a great night out for sure. Make an effort if you’re in ear-shot.


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