Sweetwater Music Festival 2018- Atlanta, GA

Spafford, Cheese, JRAD, Greensky, Vulfpeck, Papadosio, Ghostland Observatory, and Umph. There were a few bands that Kinetic and I missed (some intentionally) but the rest of our waking time was spent in deep conversation, reading, or video chatting our sweethearts. All in, the Sweetwater 420 fest once again proved a worthy yet wet destination.
Scattered into various sets, Taz the 14- year old guitar “sensation” soloed through rock and blues selections much to the delight of performers and waning surprise of attendees. He certainly held his own and as someone said from the stage, “The future is in good hands.”
I hadn’t seen Kinetic since the Phish NYE run. But landed in Atlanta in time for her to pick me up. Months of asking for a couch to crash on lead me nowhere. My last minute hotel reservation proved valuable when her couch plans fell through. I was nearly laughed at when I asked if the hotel had free breakfast, room service, or a pool (yes but it doesn’t open until June). The door locked and we had clean sheets but the experience made Airbnb more enticing each hour we spent inside. It was close to the venue and gave us time together.
Our crew expanded through kinetic’s internet message board prowess, friends remembered from last year, and yellow balloons. There was no table for sober fans at this event but I intend to change that next year. Instead, we relied on a shared impulse to find danceable space far from hoops and jugglers. Luckily, Sweetwater is small and compact. It is set in the Centennial park right downtown which means no camping, easy security, and an early end time.
It is still early in the festival season but this was a great start (did I say that about Rock and Roll Resort?) and I’m starting to get in better shape to go the distance!

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