Sweetwater 420 Fest Day 3- Atlanta, GA

ween sweetwater 420

Rain. We knew it was coming but against all hopeful thoughts and incessant forecast checks, it still came. It came early and at times it came hard. I packed a rain jacket but my shoes couldn’t take it. I realized I don’t have appropriate gear for standing in the rain for an extended period. Knowing I’d get wet helped a bit with the water but the wind turned the water cold. By midday that was what did me in.

Things started calmly with the Georgia-based Funk You playing in a tent near the food trucks. They were packed tight on a small stage but managed to bring it. In this case, the weather was a help to them. It was probably the worst attended day I had seen but suspect Panic brought out a crowd later in the day. I’m glad I saw Funk You and would go see them again. I hope they make it north.

sweetwater 420 day 3 lineup
Today I really just came for Dark Star Orchestra and Ween. Funk You was still playing while I headed to the main stage. The crowd was sparse enough for me to get to the second row. The rain came and left with varying degrees of intensity and my neighbors embraced it with equal variability. Some were topless in shorts and sneakers with no socks and rocked out as if it were a hot summers day. Others wore three layers of jacket/ hoodie under a poncho. Of course, the dude who showed up in the front row with an umbrella was asked to put it away from everyone behind him.

We became a spectacle to the fans in the wings looking down from above. They were flaunting their dry state as they photographed us with no concern for their devices. I, on the other hand, lost a headset and backup battery by the end of the day. One friend lost her phone entirely. So now you’re asking, “did they play Looks Like Rain?” Nope. “What about Here Comes Sunshine?” Nope. It was a single set so they played a custom setlist (at their shows they often play a setlist that the dead played at a show) but it was fine (full list below).

Ween was next. Oh joy! I first (and last) saw Ween at Lockn’ last summer (2016) and am sorry it took so long. Their sets are basically them playing their songs which I know sounds like useless commentary but they are unique and absurd so you may have expected more. I find they are more raw live wich really had me appreciate their recordings for the production value. This show was similar although I would say they were tighter and a little less noisy. Overall they are tons of fun and I always remember songs I had forgotten. If you’re unfamiliar with them I highly recommend digging into their catalog. Some albums have consistent themes but the others are scattered. Great music, great lyrics. Intense at times, insightful at times. and gross others.

Dark Star Orchestra set:

Scarlet Begonias

The Music Never Stopped

Shakedown Street

China Doll

Playing in the Band


Help on the Way

Franklin’s Tower

Sugar Magnolia

Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad


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  • George Eckenroth 3 years ago Reply

    I never got Ween. Still don’t. Just not my cup o tea. Thank you for hanging in the rain to report. I am not a Phish phan but I do really enjoy TAB. Just a very different vibe. It seems like Trey really cutting loose.

    aemandee 3 years ago Reply

    Absolutely was. That first time I saw him he was so high energy. He was jumping around the stage and looked like he was having a blast. The set had lots of latin vibed tunes. The backup singers and horns make for a very different time compared to Phish.

    Ween is very strange. They are the Ren and Stimpy of folk rock.

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